Fails of the Month: Failure In Full Force (January 2017) || FailArmy

Fails of the Month: Failure In Full Force (January 2017) || FailArmy
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Only 1 month into 2017 and the failure is in full force. Let us know which clip made you laugh the hardest and be sure to send us your videos at!!

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Original Links:
Guy Accidentally Collapses Roof
Guy Falls off Ladder after Dropping Chandelier
Guy Face Plants Off Ramp
Man Slams Into Vending Machine
Guilty Dog Hides Face in Shame
Kid Scared of Christmas Present
Guy Accidentally Throws Friend off Swing
Man Falls Through Ice
Hamster Jumps Over Hamster Stuck on Wheel
Mountain Biker Falls After Jump n/a
Gymnast Falls on Bar
Drone Hits Toddler During Family Photo
Cat Sits Under Truthful Sign
Guys Can’t Catch Girl
Kayaker Gets Stuck in Hydraulic at Bottom of Falls
Dad Drops Daughter during Dance
Girl Slips Off Rope Swing
Guy Falls Down Collapsed Ladder
Pileup on Highway
Dog Doesn’t Want to go Back to His Room
Guy Falls Off Dirt Bike
Costumed Santa Falls Down Skateboard Ramp
Guy Breaks Diving Board
Dog Faceplants Grass after Jumping over Fence
Drone Descends into Water
Girl Falls off Broken Mechanical Bull
Guy Face Plants During Backflip Attempt
Little Fighter Gets Kicked in Face
Jumping Spider Scares Boy in Store
Girl Can’t Jump on Box
Guy Accidentally Gets Hit by Skateboard During Flip
Karma Causes Cat to Fall Off Table
Snowmobile Attempts Jump and Falls
Mountain Biker Flies over Handlebar

Fails of the Month: Failure In Full Force (January 2017) || FailArmy

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  1. Every video is the same, 90% of the videos are in other compilations. I'm unsubscribing, that's really pathetic job. All that to make a little more money.

  2. While watching these fail vids why oh why do parents think it's funny putting a frigging massive electric hairy spider on the floor and see a child screaming with fear it really does totally piss me off

  3. lmao 2:02 that’s the most white people shit ever. Every family member watching a drone fly while holding their infants smiling like it’s some famous person.

  4. 2:30 isn't funny, do you have any idea how much power is pushing you down in those areas? That guy could have easily drowned if it weren't for the other guy.

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