Animals And Their Amazing Best Friends

Animals And Their Amazing Best Friends
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A Parrot makes a toy for 2 cats to play with, a puppy plays with a crow, an Alsatian and a Parrot play together with a stick and a Spaniel bottle feeds a lamb — just amazing. There are also clips of Polar Bears romping around with Huskies, a cat who seems to think her best mates are rats! Then there’s the enormous pig, who is a climbing frame for a kid, a pit bull who likes the look of a duckling, a piglet who thinks he is a kitten and a deer and dog who are the best of companions. How amazing animals can be and what a joy to see them play with their strange friends

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Amazing Videos: Dog Feeding Lambs With A Bottle
Polar bears and dogs

Rat loves cat!

Cat Adopts Piglet

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  1. This proves that many "predators" only learn how to hunt and kill in order to feed themselves. When animals are properly have proper food and shelter, they appear to lose their aggressive instincts.

  2. It's true when my dog (gerl) when has 2.5 months be killer of lite Bird who live in our garden she didn't be lerned thys It's her nature. When 2 dogs 2 relations with wild animale

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