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  1. ..And President TRUMP is the threat !!???? ? Hmm?

    …. I think BLACK (they make up approximately 10 to 12% of the American population but yet make up 70% of the violent murders and sexual assault of America . They are in ranked number one in race that commits the most crimes in America. Number two is Hispanics and 3 are whites, last are Asians which are almost non-existent. last time I checked, if I'm quoting accurately, also 70% of African-American men in prison was raised by a single mother with no father figure. Also blacks kill other blacks 10 times more than officers kill blacks or any white person kill blacks. White civilians have a 10 times more likelihood of being killed by a white officer THAN a black person by a officer,that's also fact. white people have over 10 times more likelihood of being victimized by a black person THAN a black person being victimized by a white person, also fact.) people need to cast The beam out of their own eye before they try casting it out and others , if I may use a scripture verse from the Bible.

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