Transformation of dog with skin like barnacles

Transformation of dog with skin like barnacles
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We got a call on our helpline to rescue a street dog suffering from advanced mange. Her skin was covered in painful scabs and flies swarmed around her emaciated body.

She looked like an old and dying dog when we rescued her, but meet Cherry today after 6 weeks of treatment! She has completely recovered from mange, she’s been spayed, vaccinated and loved.

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About the Author: Animal Aid Unlimited, India


  1. Its good that to give support but remember dont go so much crazy that people on earth start to beat these poor animals and then cure them and make a video about it it happens trust me

  2. I don't usually cry on sad scenes in a movie, series but when it comes to animals (dogs especially) I cry like a baby I just can't handle seeing a dog crying (unless it's is taking a syringe medicine) or suffering while I'm just watching the video unable to do anything but cry like a little girl

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