Rescued Wild Animals Living Free at Wild Animal Sanctuary | The Dodo

Rescued Wild Animals Living Free at Wild Animal Sanctuary | The Dodo
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Wild Animals Are Living The Dream at Wild Animal Sanctuary | This lion was a birthday gift for a 4-year-old girl — and then he was dumped at a zoo. But now he lives with other animals at one of the largest sanctuaries in the world. To sponsor the ongoing care of these animals in their new home, you can support the Wild Animal Sanctuary:

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  1. The people that rescued all of those animals are so awesome. They go above and beyond to save those animals and I hope that God blesses that place until his return.

  2. Animals need no borders they need to run free and be happy they deserve it they are amazing this just makes me want to jump up in the air and scream it’s so amazing what they are doing for these poor animals

  3. Outrageous that these magnificent creatures were ever put into a bad position – thank goodness for decent people who put things right

  4. God bless this sanctuary and all the good people working there caring for these wonderful animals! It makes me so happy to see they have a happy life now! Thank you, Dodo, for another great video!

  5. Hello! Im an aspiring zooloogist! Ive seen alot of your posts about animal santuaries and it always warms my heart watching these animals be given the life they deserve! I'd really love to work with great people

  6. Hey, I'm not sure if you guys do requests or not, but could you do a video involving BigCatDerek and his life working for CARE: Center for Animal Rehabilitation and Education. They are awesome and are a nonprofit organization who take in animals, usually large cats such as Lions, Tigers, Cougars and so on. I just think they deserve some more recognition because they're awesome! 😀

    Love you guys, you're showing us the world is a good place.

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