Top 10 Animals Farting (Funny Farting animals smell, dog farts cats farts))

Top 10 Animals Farting (Funny Farting animals smell, dog farts cats farts))
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Top 10 Animals Farting (Farting animals smell, dog farts cats farting and many more funny farting animals included in this top 10.

in todays video I will be looking at the top 10 farting animals
who searches for animals farting well the question should be who makes a video about animals farted me listed that’s who.
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So lets begin the top 10 farting animals

This first video on the top 10 animals farting video shows a der in the wild.
Not only is this one loud but look out for the deer’s tail. Check this out.

This donkey in the next clip interrupts some foreign person how is mind wat though a report to the
camera . Listen out for what sounds the the donkey laughing. Comment below if you think it is.

The horse in the next clip shows sure does have a load of trapped wind.
Just listen to these ones he should be proud of this.

Cats are everywhere including in this next clip, some women is filming her cat but while she doing this its farting away.

This next donkey looks at least 300 years old so it probably can be excused for farting
plus it makes one hell of a noise.

Some Australian bloke is in his garden and filming a kangaroo that lying flat on the ground.
the kangaroo is so relaxed that he farting away.

One big old elephant coming next playing about in the dirt. And he also farts.

This dog look pretty old indeed and it appears that every move he makes causes him to fart.

This cat certainly has skills it has mastered the art of farting and hiccupping at the same time. This ones good.

I think this is the owl from harry potter you know the one he called captain leghorn or something
anyways check this farting owl out.

we end this video with a clip from a goat what more can I say other than it’s a goat that farts.

Thanks for watching the top 10 animals that fart
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