13 Amazing Pets Who Saved Their Owners

13 Amazing Pets Who Saved Their Owners
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Pets can be very loyal and in some cases they are able to save their owners life when something bad happened to them. Here are some pets who saved their owners.

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Pets Who Saved Their Owners
Let’s face it we can’t leisurely look through Instagram without coming across an adorable puppy or kitten photo, and what would our days be like without these cute and cuddly critters?
New Year’s Eve is an exceptionally fun and exciting time for most individuals, but this wasn’t the case for one Michigan man. The man was watching a football game and decided to go outside for commercial break to get some firewood when he slipped and fell on the ice.
We’ve heard of a cat scan, but this might be a little extraordinary. This heroic animal might just be what hospitals all over the country need to order. One woman claimed that her pet cat, Fidge ended up saving her life. She alerted her of her Breast Cancer diagnosis before it was too late.
Don’t be fooled by the name because Dopey is an intelligent dog with a special gift. There’s plenty of research that prove dogs can sense when their owners will have an epileptic seizure. One strong bond was formed by a 12-year-old and his 4-year-old service dog named Dopey.
Sergeant Stubby
Dogs really are man’s best friend, especially if that man happens to be a soldier in World War 1. Sergeant Stubby became the official mascot of the 102nd Infantry Regiment of the U.S in the first World War. He served 18 months and was active in seventeen battles on the Western Front.
Dogs are pretty great swimmers, but there are quite a few breeds that don’t take so keenly to the waters. Lucky for one man that’s not the case with this chocolate Labrador named Nanook.
Ferocious Lion Saviors
It’s hard to imagine a world that exists where little girls can be kidnapped from their families and then be beaten and raped until they give in to marrying a person. That kind of world does exist, but lucky for this little girl she had some help from the top of nature’s food chain, three lions came to her rescue after she had been missing for a number of days and was being attacked by seven men.
The tornado that went through Joplin, Missouri was one of the most devastating ones to ever hit the United States. There was one sweet pup who worked tirelessly during rescue efforts and saved many people in the aftermath of the tornado.
It’s easy to understand why parents have started putting nanny cams in their house just as a precaution, but lucky for this family that it was their pet dog who ended up saving their young son from abuse. The South Carolina babysitter was arrested after being attacked by a dog, but it turned out the dog was actually protecting his 7-month old owner.
Heroic Bear
One unexpected savior came when a senior citizen was hiking and a mountain lion suddenly attacked. The lion ended up biting down on the California man’s arm, but he was lucky enough to be saved by a bear. The bear ran from a nearby area and scare off the mountain lion.
If you first came across LuLu, the potbellied pig you probably wouldn’t think much of her. Lulu’s owner suffered a heart attack while vacationing in the Northern woods of Pennsylvania.
No plane or ship could reach an isolated Alaskan village known as Nome in 1925 and the town was struck by a case of diphtheria. This is spread through the air and takes two to five days for symptoms to occur.


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  1. For all you cat haters WHO said they aren't useful? They are your personal furry adorable breast cancer detector!!!I love those darn lions!!! Forget I love em' all, I'm moving to the wild I think my chances of survival are greater there than among humans!!! ???????

  2. I was getting abused when I was like 6 by my Aunt that was watching me and she throw me across the room and my dog attack her and then my dad got home and called the cops and she went to jail? Now I am 13years old

  3. One time someone tried so break into my house in the middle of the night and my german shepards barked and howled till my whole family woke up and we were angry at the dogs because they dont usually do that so we went down stairs to tell them off and meanwhile i saw someone at the window and i told my parents and they called the cops i am so happy i have my two dogs they saved our lives

  4. I’m young and I’m in school like year 3 and I have a book about that dog stubby he ran away from he’s owners house bc they did it like them and the soilders found him and called him digger

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