10 People who Fell into Animal Enclosures at Zoos

10 People who Fell into Animal Enclosures at Zoos
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Zoos are a place for the average person to see animals they might not ever get the chance to observe in the wild. Zoos also have the purpose of conserving certain species, trying to make sure they don’t die out to extinction.. and in other cases they can be a sanctuary against poaching and hunters.
Levan Merritt 1986
As encounters with great apes go, Harambe wasn’t the first incident of a child falling into a gorilla enclosure. It happened at the Durrell Wildlife Park in Jersey, Channel Islands in the UK, when Five year old Levan Merrit somehow fell into the zoo’s gorilla enclosure, falling far enough that he lost consciousness when he hit the ground.
Beijing Zoo 2009
Pandas. They’re endangered, and they’re absolutely adorable. That cuteness draws in many crazy panda-fans for Gugu, a panda at the Beijing Zoo. People come from all over to see him, and more than a few have snuck into his enclosure.
Pittsburgh zoo, 2012
For all of these stories, a surprising number don’t end with someone being killed, considering they’re usually just feet from dangerous and unpredictable predators. But fatalities unfortunately do still happen sometimes, as was the case for two year old Maddox Derkosh.
Detroit Zoo, 1990
The Detroit zoo is a popular destination for many who wish to admire the wildlife of the world, and apparently also for those who like going where they shouldn’t be. This time though, the story has a happy ending, and the man had a good reason for jumping in. 33-year-old Rick Swope was enjoying his day at the Detroit zoo until he came across the chimpanzee exhibit.
Berlin Zoo, 2009
The case of the Berlin zoo polar bear attack incident in 2009 is both mysterious and sketchy, and not much is known right down to the name of the woman involved in this incident on our list.
Cleveland Metro parks Zoo, 2015
Once again, another case of a two-year-old boy being held on top of the protective railing and falling into an enclosure with several dangerous animals.
Santiago Metropolitan zoo
Suicide is never the answer. No matter what you might think, someone’s going to be devastated by it, your community will be impacted, your loved ones will be at a loss without you and you’ll be sorely missed by many.
Little Rock Zoo, 2015
A young child went to the Little Rock zoo with his father and grandfather for some fun, and multi generational bonding time.
Brookfield Zoo, 1996
Here we have a more feel-good story. A young child fell into the gorilla exhibit, and was set upon by a terrifying silverback female gorilla named Binti Jua.
Toronto Zoo, 2016
A visitor to the Toronto Zoo must have really like her hat, because she jumped down from the observation deck and right next to a flimsy fence that had a tiger behind it, in order to retrieve it. Amidst people yelling at her, calling her a “moron”, the woman leaped down and grabbed the hat while the tiger pounced on the fence separating them, desperately trying to get at her.


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  1. I would like to say if you are that stupid to go into an animal enclosure than you are most likely the most stupid person on earth but if it is just a freak thing than nobody is really at falt.

  2. Berlin zoo 2009. Lucky for the Polar Bears that the zoo keepers removed her from the pool. They saved the bears from been killed like Harambe. She would have made the bears sick anyway if they eat her. Why do some people mentally believe that animals like these are so cute up close to hug and pet is beyond my comprehension.

  3. Also.. it seems like he had a reason.. clearly you know nothing about suicide. Be glad you are too ignorant to understand that pain. You'd rather a man to go jail for trying to get eaten by lions than get help! You truly are sick.

  4. Thanks for your hypocritical input on suicide. You literally made fun of a woman with mental health issue.. and then preached against suicide.. seriously? You don't think that woman will feel suicidal when she sees you mocking her?

  5. Umm my sister told me dat when they went to the zoo 3 months ago that when they where feeding the giraffes they started eatting the girls hair and trying to bit it so, they had to stay away from them as well as other visitors

  6. people blame the zoo when in the first place they placed their child in danger, get common sense people. also don’t blame the animal because the animals natural instinct is to attack.

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