Wolf Protects Pups From a Bear | BBC Earth

Wolf Protects Pups From a Bear | BBC Earth
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When Storm’s wolf cubs are in danger because of a nearby bear, the adult wolves don’t hesitate to fight the large predator in order to protect their young.
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Natural World: A Wolf Called Storm

Storm is an extraordinary wolf – the head of a pack in Canada’s frozen north that hunts the giant buffalo herds. This pack came to fame in Frozen Planet, and now cameraman Jeff Turner spends a year with Storm and his wolf family, learning how they survive in this harsh wilderness and whether Storm can pass his hunting skills on to the new generation of wolf cubs.

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  1. Наверно, медведь был молодой и неопытный. Он ещё не знал, что не стоит связываться с целой стаей волков.

  2. As as I see not many d.a. on here understand that all these videos are provoked and man made by stupid humas.Drugging a bear that already in captivity
    and bring him in well crowded wolves zone in order to shoot video for humans entertainments.
    That damn nuclear bomb will have to pop up soon to clean this planet.Trump takes too much time now,,

  3. See if we stick together we can literally move reroute monsters in another direction without them even knowing it…. Ocasio Cortez ehhhh….

  4. I don't get how people are hating on the bear when wolves do the same thing. I like bears and wolves, plus lazy bears aren't likely to just get up and attack you if they see you. I think wolves would. But I still like them?

  5. We could really learn a thing from both the Bear and the wolves… i dunno what that thing is but something could definiely be learned ?

  6. And then some dumbass zoo thought they could mix bears and wolves in the same enclosure and they would be alright…..well for the omega female things didn’t turn out so well and the bears ate her. The zoo messed up royally when this video went viral and the stupid humans had to speak for themselves. They claimed stupidity of course and the animals suffered. It doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know you don’t put these two in the same enclosure.

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