Seven Super Cute Puppies But Can You Pick Just One?

Seven Super Cute Puppies But Can You Pick Just One?
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Seven Super Cute Puppies But Can You Pick Just One?
Seven cute puppies but can you pick just one?
This video was deemed ‘unsuitable by YouTube, I requested a manual review and it confirmed this video is unsuitable. I wonder what kind of human being watched this video and deemed it unsuitable. Can you find anything unsuitable in this video? Let me know in the comment section below.

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  1. I'm like, what is this puppy recommendation BS. I DON'T watch puppy videos. Good one, Howard. Thanks for exposing the ever-widening evil.

  2. I thought you were just trying to re label your videos so they wouldn't be taken down and demoed. Hell all us MGTOW should label the channel cute puppies or funny cats from now on. Lol we need a code to know it's a MGTOW video. But so YouTube won't flag or take down. Stay strong Men when they get this butt hurt it means were making a difference.

  3. A video of what kind of girl you should marry. I think i found a cool one, shes smart, honest, and we have the same goals, and same little things we do after work to be comfortable, its like we've been family our whole life, i could see myself doing this forever. Im 32, i lived with my grandparents for many of my teen years, so iv seen what makes retirement life. Idk

  4. Look Howard i know its a bit old and everyone does it. But i would buy a Howard Dare tee shirt with either the orange and blue motif you know the one with your name on or the super hero. Even the wee picture you use as your personal logo the yellow and black with the man and directional arrows just a thought. Oh by the way who would want dog crap all over the house so none of them mate. Not that I think this video had anything to do with pups

  5. Oh how absolutely lovely, it's got to be no 5?, I'm so pleased you have at last cleaned up your act, Pooper scoopers at the ready, next stop Thinking Ape for a sumptuous show of cute kitties in knitted winter Sox? ????

  6. Ab. brill how dare u. So..ho..many levels. Uv found a boggling loophole that cannot be challenged….but there so cute. Pant,pant lol.

  7. To many choices I can t take it system overload. Must pay Howard dare for better content. 🙂

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