Just Clowning Around! Cute baby donkey plays with clown hat [cutest animals]

Just Clowning Around!  Cute baby donkey plays with clown hat [cutest animals]
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[cute animals doing cute things] Rocky the Spotted Donkey just loves to clown around. We started giving him toys to play with as a distraction from constantly biting his mom, Patience. She usually just carries on casually with her business of eating during Rocky’s antics.

Only 7 weeks old, Rocky is a miniature Mediterranean donkey and is only 24 inches tall and approximately 35 lbs. – about the size of a small goat or medium sized dog! Rocky is so happy everyday and enjoys all the little things in life! Everything is new to him and he loves to explore!

About Rocky the Spotted Donkey
Rocky is a Miniature Mediterranean donkey, lives in Scottsdale, AZ, and is in training to be a pet therapy animal. Rocky seems to have a unique appreciation for life and definite joy of living. Our goal is to bring smiles, hope, joy & laughter to as many people as possible. Our motto is to “Enjoy the Little Things in Life”!

It will be a fun adventure for Rocky as we train him to be a therapy animal and we hope you will come along with him on his journey! Rocky’s YouTube channel will feature his journey including his funny baby donkey antics, cute videos, his relationships with others including dogs, cats, horses, ponies, children and special needs. We’ll feature videos of the places Rocky goes and also how he is trained. Along the way we’ll be sure to “enjoy the little things in life” and hopefully bring joy, smiles, hope and laughter to as many people as possible. Come along on Rocky’s journey. This is the beginning. We hope you will subscribe to Rocky’s YouTube Channel!

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  1. He's so beautiful! Free and Loving personality! I fell in live with him and now my heart is broke. I am so very sorry for your loss. Rocky was definitely one of a kind and a truely amazing little buddy!

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