Cats rescued from NC floodwaters l Hurricane Florence animal rescue

Cats rescued from NC floodwaters l Hurricane Florence animal rescue
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Two cats were taken to a boat during rescue operations in Jacksonville, North Carolina.

How to help those impacted by Hurricane Florence:

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  1. People who abandon their cats like this should never be allowed to have pets, i would never leave my little furbabies behind, though to be fair my outdoor cat sparky would not let me help him in any situation

  2. Feel like the cats have a worse time – dogs are used to water, but cats would not survive – or would go where rescuers have a hard time getting to them.

  3. Thank you, wonderful people whoever helped those cats. Thank you. People neglect cats left right and center. This was precious. Thank you!!! Bless you for that! HIGHEST HIGH PAW!

  4. Can't praise those two cat rescuers enough. Everyone working to rescue stranded animals deserves high praise and support, but rescuing terrified, unconfined cats by hand shows real dedication and handling skill. Those guys knew what they were doing. Excellent work.

  5. This black man like why was it so hard to hold this little kitten?? great job guys horrible owners. Should have a system already that drives around picks up animals prior to hurricane drive them to safety and house them in a large facility made for such things like this. Privately funded or have a set cost or offer a GoFundMe option.

  6. Animals are apart of the family if you can’t save their life than what is the point of owning a pet , makes me so sad to see these helpless animals so scared. I pray that all the animals are saved and thank you to the men in this video ?

  7. I was the one that dropped the kitty….you could not see where it bit me just before the camera started filming….I tried my best but he wasn’t happy…very scared…Pastor Drake had the black and gold one….it was happy as can be….I tried my best to hold it safely for me and not hurt the kitty….sorry for whom I offended but we were there to evacuate people …we didn’t expect the animals to be left …but we certainly weren’t gonna leave them. God bless

  8. all people left there animals to die should be charge of animal cruelty.
    an charge trump organization death for inhumane safety for supoce being prepared but obviously the sewerd water pipe should have been ready for this amount of water… Donald an his insurance company are just milking out the money death an lifer of innocent life

  9. There is no way I would leave my dog or cat or any other animal behind no matter the circumstances!!! I have my little boy which I am incredibly attached to and I would not leave him behind. I could not live with myself either not knowing what happened to him or if he drowned. Storm emergency shelters now allow people to bring their pets. The pets can stay with them on their cots or they have a designated area for their pets in the same facility. I think it's reprehensible to leave your pets behind (Horrible). Another terrible thing are those people who are so stubborn or stupid (you pick) who stay and decide to weather the storm. Not only do they put their lives in danger, but they put the lives of the rescue people in danger. People are volunteering and working to save your life because you were too stubborn to listen to warnings. I think that is horrible as well.

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