Wild tiger cub | for the first time on film | David Attenborough | Tiger Spy in the Jungle | BBC

Wild tiger cub | for the first time on film | David Attenborough | Tiger Spy in the Jungle | BBC
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A young tiger cub – one of a littler of four – tumbles from the den, only to be carried back to safety in it’s mother’s massive jaws. Astonishing footage shot in the Indian jungle using cameras attached to elephants.

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  1. These can’t be wild lol I never believe anything on tv is actually wild as humans always have to get involved this is why they are dying constantly just leave jungles and forests alone for good just build massive walls around the edge of 100s or miles and let them live in the jungle population will rise also

  2. Attenbourough: This is not how you do it…

    Cub: Put me down you crazy woman, your doing it wrong!!!!

    Who is Avni? Avni is a 6-year-old tigress, with two 9-month cubs, who lives in Pandharkawada, a forest in Yavatmal district. The forest is rich in minerals and the government has sold the forest land to industrialist.The tigress and her family of 3 (2 cubs + mate) pose a threat to the industrial development plans and hence have been unfairly and conveniently framed. She has not come out of the forest to kill anyone, but it seems that some people were found dead inside the forest. No DNA tests have proved that Avni has killed anyone, but the first shoot to kill order for the Tigress was issued by the PCCF (Principal Chief Conservator of Forests) on 29th January 2018. The forest is her home and she has every right to defend herself and her children if anyone encroaches. It is absolutely illegal to enter the forest as it is supposed to be protected land, but Avni has become the victim of the greed of some people in power.
    The alleged killings in Pandharkawada Division in Pandharkawada started in June 2016. This was right during the announcement of the cement factory sale by the Ambanis and actual purchase by MP Birla group in August 2016.
    1. Feb 2016: Announcement of acquisition of Cement Company from Ambanis — https://www.birlacorporation.com/media/press-releases/press_release_4feb_2016.pdf
    2. August 22, 2016: Purchase completed: Birla Corp completes acquisition of Anil Ambani's Reliance Cement at Rs 4,800 crore — https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/industry/indl-goods/svs/cement/birla-corp-completes-acquisition-of-anil-ambanis-reliance-cement-at-rs-4800-crore/articleshow/53812565.cms
    3. August 2017: Announcement of expansion plans for Yavatmal plant in the forest: Birla Corp to invest in cement plant near Yavatmal — https://timesofindia.indiatimes.com/city/nagpur/birla-corp-to-invest-in-cement-plant-near-ytl/articleshow/59976974.cms
    * Half decomposed mutilated human bodies, deep inside the forest started being declared by the Forest Department as killings by T-1. No DNA analysis was done to prove TIGER attack.
    * Compensation of 8 lakhs given to victims’ families without any consideration of the fact that they were illegally inside the forests. No forest rights allows grazing to be done INSIDE forests or Forest Development Corporation of Maharashtra (FDCM).
    * Locals can’t use the forest for grazing as they have not been given any rights under CFR or PESA. It is indeed illegal to graze inside the forests and the FD is making up excuses for their lack of capability and their incompetence by saying the locals taking cattle inside the forests are not truly illegal graziers.
    4. January 22, 2018: Notification of forest land diversion — 465 hectares forest land to make way for cement plant https://mumbaimirror.indiatimes.com/mumbai/civic/465-hectares-forest-land-to-make-way-for-cement-plant/articleshow/62611657.cms
    * Within 7 days of the notification of forest land’s official diversion to the Ambanis, on 22 January 2018, the first shoot to kill order for the Tigress was issued by the PCCF on 29th January 2018.
    * Eye-witnesses were illegally taking their cattle into the forest’s waterbody where the new mother — Tigress and her cubs lived.
    * The post-mortem report does not even mention time of death. No clarity if the injuries were ante-mortem and it was a decapitated body of an illegal grazier.
    * The PCCF hastily called Shafat Ali Khan the very day to shoot the Tigress and was officially reprimanded for this.
    * No DNA analysis was done to ascertain if there was Tigress DNA on the body either before the shoot-to-kill order was issued by the PCCF.
    Now, the sanitizing of the Forest for the expansion plans of the cement factory also meant that the PCCF hastily issued the capture order for the MALE Tiger, T-2.
    5. August 8, 2018: Announcement of expansion and new mega cement plant for another 2000+ crores: Birla Corporation to set up greenfield cement plant in Maharashtra for Rs 2450 crore https://economictimes.indiatimes.com/industry/indl-goods/svs/cement/birla-corporation-to-set-up-greenfield-cement-plant-in-maharashtra-for-rs-2450-crore/articleshow/65278960.cms
    Now can someone please explain – Coincidence or Unholy Connection?
    Birla Cement Board meeting held on Saturday, August 4, 2018, announces expansion plan for Yavatmal plant located in Mukutban, Pandharkawada Forest. Doubling of capacity, creation of captive thermal plant, and a heat-recovery plant. On the same day, after a long gap of 6+ months, a Forest Dept. 'Field Monitoring Team' allegedly spots the tigress and cubs (one of the ONLY actual sightings), and later that same day, in the evening, a human kill is reported. Bizzare? Or is it expected that the Forest Minister is also the Finance and Planning Minister?
    #LetAvniLive #NotJustAboutOneTiger #StopKillingAnimalsAndForests#StopCorruption #LetsROARForAvni

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    A humble request to everyone here.
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    Big Cat Rescue (USA) is backing the case of Avni the tigress, her two cubs, and her mate, T1. This precious family must NOT be torn apart. Let's help save them by sparing just 2 minutes of our time for this beautiful family! It's really easy :
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