Celebrating 10 years of International Animal Rescue Indonesia

Celebrating 10 years of International Animal Rescue Indonesia
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Today, the 14th February 2018, is a very special day – it marks ten years since we set up our project to rescue slow lorises, macaques and orangutans in Indonesia. That day ten years ago saw the start of an ambitious project which is now saving the lives of thousands of animals and changing human behaviour and attitudes towards wildlife and habitats across Indonesia.

We are so proud of all we have done so far, but the fight continues and we hope you will stay by our side in the years ahead. We rely on your support and we are honoured to be able to show that your donations really are saving lives and changing the world.

On this special day, please consider sending an anniversary gift to our projects in Indonesia. Your £10/$13/ €11 will help us continue our vital life-saving work in Indonesia for years to come:


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  1. You guys are extraordinary human beings. I have so much respect for you guys and all that you do. Animals need a voice, thank you for being there’s and helping them live the best life that they deserve. I just want to hug you all!!!

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