Rescue Dog Reunited With The Foster Mom Who Never Gave Up On Her | The Dodo Reunited

Rescue Dog Reunited With The Foster Mom Who Never Gave Up On Her | The Dodo Reunited
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Rescue Dog Reunited With The Foster Mom Who Never Gave Up On Her | This dog was scared of men because of her past, and her first two trial adoptions fell through — but Stevie kept coming back to her foster mom, who believed in her all along. Today on Reunited, it’s been almost a year since Stevie found the perfect forever family, and her foster mom’s about to make a surprise appearance. You can keep up with @MaeDay Rescue ( on Instagram to learn about more dogs in need of loving homes:

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  1. Miss my LULU to much after this vid. – Bit me first night to the bone – and many grey haired men for months till she learnt love from my Boy Rottie. Rescue dogs are hard work but always give them a second chance or a third – I know a forth is a lot to ask but when she finally worked out she’s not gunna get hit for no reason- she loved and protected me like a Navy Seal lool

  2. Stevie reminds me of my pupper Falkor..

    Although, Falkor basically picked me. He knows I'm his human, and gets protective because of my mental issues, knows when I'm having a down day, and wilk just cuddle with me, lick my hands and arms to comfort me..
    He's having dental issues right now, and my mom and I can't afford to get the work done..

    Falkor was surrendered by his previous owners, because they couldn't take him with them when they moved. The way he acts, makes it seem like he had been abused. He was also a bit underweight when we adopted him, and timid..It seems like he doesn't like other dogs, but I'm pretty sure he never learned how to make friends..He also acts more like a cat, than a dog.

  3. Gretchen and Melanie are now added to the list of amazing, patient and beautiful heroes. We need more people on the earth like them, and as a woman (and just a human being) I am inspired!!

  4. This story hit me on such a personal level. I’m so happy for this lovely family, for the amazing foster Mom, and for all the love. Animals give us a love that is utterly unconditional, it is a love that saves us, a love that can look at us when we are at our worst and only ever see the best. Animals truly are a gift to this world ?

  5. That was so sweet and cute I'm so glad that this little dog found someone that she really loved and it has a good home. God bless you you have a warm heart I love watching these shows because I'd rather watch this in anyting that's just depressing I'd rather watch things that are happy and I love dogs

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