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  1. This is animal abuse the puppies are scared and hurt the owner should've help them it's his fault and the owner is selfish and rude he's also dumb too what a heartless monster the owner is not helpful either I will dislike and report this video 1 like=1 kick and 1 punch in the owners face

  2. That little puppy has been hurt repeatedly to act like that at such a young age. Are you going to help or just film? They need blankets food and tender holding. For you to just stand there shows what kind of person you really are. Thumbs down for you!

  3. Go on hit or kick the Cock in his Balls. Then whip/beat the Dick. Teach the Cock how to behave properly. Club the bastard, and then send the "thing" to the dog meat processing factories in China or Vietnam.

  4. ? Arme Puppies ❗
    Keine Hundemama, kein Körbchen. Wasser und Futter ist auch nicht zu sehen, auch kein Spielzeug. Nur nackter, kalter, glatter Boden.
    Das zu sehen macht mich total traurig ? ❕

  5. Why would he be acting like that if he’s not being abused? Puppies shouldn’t be growling to defend themselves and backing away unless they’ve been hurt

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