KCRA Chico Animal Rescue -Camp Fire

KCRA Chico Animal Rescue -Camp Fire
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This is a story that I reported-photographed-edited for KCRA’s 10pm News on Friday, November 16, 2018, about the Nortern Valley Animal Disaster Group (nvadg.org) volunteer effort to rescue and care for the family pets and farm livestock displaced by the massive Camp Fire in and around Paradise, California. For more info and to donate contact nvadg.org, and visit kcra.com


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  1. They refuse to post any pictures of the rescued pets. They ask owners to text/email a picture of their lost pets and if they have none or have no cell phone, they are to go to the shelter, describe their pet and a volunteer will go look. They refuse to post any pictures and no one knows what animals are there! They are already transferring animals to out of state shelters!

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