A Short Film About Beirut…Near Death Experiences?

A Short Film About Beirut...Near Death Experiences?
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A compilation of around 2 days of driving in and out of Beirut city, Lebanon. By the time of this recording, a new traffic law has already been implemented for over 1 year.
Near-death incidents is a daily routine when driving around, and funny enough, we believe traffic jams and accidents are due to other people’s driving or mostly the government, but never our fault.

For more information on the situation in Lebanon, and the initiatives taking place to offer solutions and awareness:

External links:
– YASA: http://www.yasa.org/English/Default.aspx
– Kunhadi: http://www.kunhadi.org/kunhadi/index.php
– Stats by Kunhadi: http://www.kunhadi.org/kunhadi/numbers.php?lang=1
– TMC Lebanon: https://twitter.com/tmclebanon

On another note, please excuse any minor details or mistakes here and there, filmmaking and editing is not within my arsenal of skills at the moment, and posting such online is part of that learning process.
Advice (especially on color grading, font selection, music) is highly appreciated .

Update May 2017: It was a humbling experience to be contacted by Future TV and get fearured during the morning show. It was my first TV appearance ever, and they made easier that expected.
You may watch it here if you like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z4o3b2O3g8Q

Behind the scenes:
– Shot on GoPro (couple of shots by a Samsung Note 4)
– Edited on FinalCut Pro
– Music: Magnus Ringblom (Kitchen Messed Up 5) and (Summer Field Trip 3 )…Martin Gauffin (Les Cafes De Paris 1)…Peter Sandberg (Surrender 1)… Check out Epidemicsound.com for a great resource library.
– All shots are taken at 1080, 60fpt.

Let’s connect:
Twitter: https://twitter.com/door503
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/door503/


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About the Author: Nash Suleiman


  1. I am an American and have lived in Lebanon from 2014 to 2015. Now, in 2019, I must say the traffic laws have helped considerably! I was amazed to see no one driving past 110-120 on the highway from Jbeil to Beirut for the past 3 weeks I have been back! To include, even the parking has changed! I average 1 parking ticket every 4 days due to being late (by less than 20 minutes due to school, though no excuse.)

  2. funny and sad at the same time .(Paris of the mideast or Madagascar of the mideast)GO FIGURE .anyhow ,thats what makes us Lebanese, and proud of it .i think they wanted to improve street red lights but there is no power (electricity ) to do the job .sad….

  3. Maann i hate these people who press the horn and don't stop until you move to the right and get hit by a fast car so that they can drive fast

  4. After 10 years away, I feel anxious just watching. I am not sure I can go back there one day. It's sad how human life is not taken seriously. I guess it is due to repressed past that is no healed yet.

  5. فيديو اكتر من رائع
    مع الأسف هيدا الواقع بسبب دولة عايشة بغيبوبة

  6. Assalamu Alaikum
    Hello everyone i just say only few words and sorry for this word please lebanese citizens follow the law and yours safety also and this types of pictures show the negatives image of lebanon improve your skill and support the government and law i love you all be happy be cool and live in peace

  7. As a Lebanese living in Egypt, I must say that driving in Lebanon is a piece of cake when compared to driving in Cairo. I used to see traffic jams and reckless drivers on Lebanese road as something that no country can match due to lack of discipline, driving manners, and an actual law.
    However, traffic congestions, chaos, and awful roads are just on another level in Cairo. Old cars with no safety measures, senseless and terrible drivers, and huge trucks and transportation buses that stop on both sides of the road wherever you go are the norm.
    I am not saying that Lebanese have good driving behaviours, but many countries are so much worse in every aspect, specifically Egypt.

  8. its when you see theses kinds of videos that you truly feel like… lebanon is the best country ever I miss it man !

  9. I was able to drive in Lebanon, just very carefully. Lebanese always tell you how good they drive. If you give money to the guy who is testing you before your license. You will get your license. But Cairo is the worst. They are all so religious but hypocrites. They act so good and then they get into a car, and they drive like a-holes. My cousin was killed by some guy on a highway. He hit her and kept going. She died an hour later. They never found him. I bet you the guy went to hajj that same year and asked GOD to forgive him. What a joke. They interpret the Muslim religion their own way. If they were true Muslims, they would turn themselves to the police.

  10. So I click on your video put it full screen mode, had I been a passenger in any of those cars you would certainly hear me say slow down, or watch out even scream possibly LOL Having watched this its off my bucket list LMAO I think the rest of the Lebanese diaspora would agree and decide not to drive. Hhhhhhhhh talk about chaos.

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