Swiss Food Tour – CHEESE FONDUE and Jumbo Cordon Bleu in Zurich, Switzerland!

Swiss Food Tour - CHEESE FONDUE and Jumbo Cordon Bleu in Zurich, Switzerland!
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Join me on a one day all out Swiss food tour of Zurich!
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We had one full day in Zurich, Switzerland, and I wanted to make the most of it by going on a Swiss food tour, eating as much food as possible, and walking around and seeing some of the most famou sights and attractions in the beautiful city of Zurich.

Here are all the details about everything you’ll find in this video:

Zürich, Switzerland

Café Henrici – To begin the day for Swiss breakfast, we stopped to have a cup of coffee, and also I wanted a croissant, but they were all out of the morning already, so I settled for a few small slices of bread. It was excellent.
Total price for 3 people – 24.40 CHF ($25.75)

Lindenhof Hill – This is a great place to get a view over Old Zurich, and it puts the city into perspective and helps you get your bearings, and the views are beautiful.

Swiss Chuchi – Thank you to Marcel for this recommendation. In Switzerland for a single day, I needed to eat one of the most well known of all Swiss food, cheese fondue. At Swiss Chuchi restaurant, we enjoyed both cheese fondue and raclette, both of which were excellent and the most cheese I’ve had in a single meal in a very long time.
Total price – 126 CHF ($132.98)
That included all I ate, and 2 other plates of food.

Grossmünster – This church is one of the most recognizable landmarks of Zurich. For a small fee, you can pay to climb to the top of the tower for an amazing view.
Price – 4 CHF ($4.22)

Lake Zurich – The city of Zurich is surrounds Lake Zurich, which is unbelievably clean and pure.

Kronenhalle Restaurant – This is one of the most legendary and classic restaurants in all of Zurich, Switzerland. I didn’t realized it was so expensive and so high end, but we decided to go for it anyway, because I was looking forward to trying their Zürcher Geschnetzeltes, the most well known of all Zurich Swiss food dishes consisting of thin sliced potato paired with veal stew. It’s quite a stunning dish and the version at Kronenhalle Restaurant was absolutely stunning.
Total price – 126 CHF ($132.98)

Bahnhofstrasse Shopping street

Rheinfelder Bierhalle – To finish off this ultimate Swiss food tour of Zurich in a single day we went to Rheinfelder Bierhalle, a beer hall and restaurant in Zurich. I ordered their specialty, Jumbo Jumbo Cordon Bleu. Cordon bleu is another one of the Swiss food dishes you don’t want to miss when you’re in Zurich.

Thank you very much for watching this Swiss food tour!

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  1. Swiss. Too small to be a country. Europe can do without it. Can't we sell it to Syria so there is a place for all the migrants?

  2. Such a beautiful country, been there and stayed for 3months but I must say there is no country like AUSTRIA. ….I still miss Mart Piesting.

  3. Been watching your Euro tour and I know you've been jonesing for a big jar or bag of hot thai peppers when I see you adding seasonings!

  4. Next time if you visit Switzerland drop me a message- i'll invite you to my home for a real Swiss/ Thai Cheese Fondue with chillies and also Raclete on another level 🙂

  5. I remember going to Switzerland. I loved it so much. We had foundue . Oh it was so good!!! The only thing is that it makes your stomach feel very heavy if you eat too much like I did. 🙂

  6. same expression for every food dish in every country. kind of looks like fake. Please use different expressions ……….. Food Ranger is better.

  7. Mark that is European size portion
    You can enjoy the meal even with the portions they served you
    And the you ate alone.

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