Rescue of Iris the Chimpanzee | PETA Animal Rescues

Rescue of Iris the Chimpanzee | PETA Animal Rescues
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A 32-year-old chimpanzee named Iris was being held all alone in a tiny, barren, and dark cell at a roadside zoo called Chestatee Wildlife Preserve & Zoo in Georgia. Iris often smeared her own feces on the walls of the cell and spent almost all her time huddled under a dirty blanket.

But in March 2015, a generous PETA member helped us free Iris from this hellhole. Following negotiations, Iris was quickly sent on her way to the beautiful Save the Chimps sanctuary in Florida!

Iris is thriving at Save the Chimps and was introduced to her next-door neighbor, Abdul, within days of arriving at the sanctuary. Soon, Iris will be introduced to more chimpanzees and have the opportunity to live on a lush green island with palm trees and a chimpanzee family. Best of all, Iris will never be alone again—all because people cared!


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  1. its 2018 do you have an update on Iris at all? how is she doing ? I would love to see her happy and running around there in a video it teared me up that for 32 YEARS she was all alone it broke my heart but to live the rest of her life out with her own kind is such a blessing thank you PETA !!!

  2. This made me cry. So much suffering Iris has to deal with. Thank you so much Peta for saving her and keep up the good work!

  3. There is absolutely no limit to the amount of suffering that the individuals that did this to her should have to endure…..I would personally like to turn them into grease spots.
    I'm so happy for this girl, and that she's able to find some kindness, peace and love before her time comes. ❤️💙

  4. People who think it is OK to keep ANY living thing in a zoo or a marine park is a disgrace to the human race. ALL living things have feelings, need love, should never be ripped from the wild away from their families. Happy for Iris but mad at people who put profit first.

  5. I'm not a big fan of govt but we need serious Federal laws to prevent cruelty to animals whether it's a small or big "zoo", factory farming, or people shooting small animals for fun. It's long overdue for Humanity to start growing up spiritually here on planet earth before there's nothing left for anyone.

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