Japanese Food Tour – HIDDEN-GEMS in Tokyo, Japan | Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!

Japanese Food Tour - HIDDEN-GEMS in Tokyo, Japan | Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner!
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Japanese food in Tokyo for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!
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One of the best things to do when you travel is eat delicious local food. So one of the ideas I like to do when I visit any destination is eat a typical breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Japanese food is amazing, and in Tokyo you have so many options of what to eat, so on this Japanese food tour, I decided to eat a mix of typical and authentic Japanese food.

Breakfast at Shokudo diner 東新宿食堂
Japanese breakfast can be very regional in Japan, but a good typical Japanese breakfast is a bowl of rice, miso soup, and often a piece of grilled fish like a mackerel. Just down the road from where I was staying in Tokyo, we went to the local diner for some Japanese breakfast.
Price – 1,690 JPY ($15.29) for everything on my tray

Lunch at Sanshuya 三州屋
This is one of the best local Japanese restaurants I’ve ever been to in Tokyo. Thank you to Yuko for this recommendation. It’s a small hole-in-the-wall restaurant that serves incredibly fresh fish and daily specials. Amazing little restaurant in Ginza, for best Japanese food.
Total price – 3,300 JPY ($29.87) for 2

Dinner at Shibuya Morimoto Yakitori
There are so many different Japanese food you can choose to eat for dinner, but one of the common businessman meals is an afterwork stop at an izakaya (a Japanese pub). One type of izakaya is a yakitori restaurant, serving grilled chicken. I went to a restaurant called Shibuya Morimoto, a wonderful chicken heaven and ordered the omakase set. The chicken sashimi was actually incredible!
Total price – 9,001 JPY ($81.45) for 2

So that wraps up this authentic Japanese food tour of breakfast, lunch, and dinner in Tokyo. Thank you for watching!

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  1. Chicken sashimi is a thing? I've been eating raw chicken for years, it's my favourite raw meat. Everyone tells me I'm mad, but clearly I'm not.

  2. I looked for the breakfast one to add to my list, going to Japan in a month, but google search did not bring up the correct result. We will be staying in Akihabara…so if someone could help me locate this place it would be appreciated. Thanks XD

  3. I’m going to put on a lot of weight because of ur videos. I watch the video and then crave for the food and go to a restaurant or order and eat while watching more videos. U r the culprit for all of this ???????????????

  4. Hello Mark do you ever eat something you find yourself in stuffing your mouth. Because it so good you can't help but eat to much of it at one time. I noticed u love fish. My mom also lived fish and rice. She was from Guam USA she would cook her peppers over a flame to make them hotter. She loved hot spicy food too .

  5. neonicotinoid japanese rice and soybean agribusiness association system
    quality ranking system is very dangerous poison. Stop Japanese Cool!Stop Bee insect Die !?

  6. I love all kinds of sushi/sashimi, but raw chicken – NO. Don't care how stellar the poultry is, you are begging for food poisoning and/or tapeworms.

  7. Can you giveaway some foods for me Or for somebody who is watching this video that have no food in front of Them?

  8. The food is what I miss the most from when I lived in Sendai for a year. So much good food!! You have to workout every day to be able to enjoy it all though, or your get fat

  9. Sanshuya has changed premises. It’s no longer down an alleyway and the new place is smaller. Great little venue, thanks for the recommendation.

  10. Maybe try Google cafeteria if you come to Silicon Valley. Compare it to Yahoo, Facebook, Indeed.com, Oracle, and whoever else still has a cafeteria. They tried to ban employee cafeterias as a freebie in Mountain View, CA. If you go to Disneyland, Ryan Scott already did one on their food. Have you seen Leslie Sbrocco on Check Please Bay Area?

  11. Looks loveley. I could sit and eat too. But I would like a few cups of Green Tea to wash it down. Maybe sake at Dinnertime. But HELL NO. Not on Hirohito's grave would I EVER eat RAW CHICKEN.

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