Rescued Animals Thank Their Rescuers | The Dodo

Rescued Animals Thank Their Rescuers | The Dodo
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Rescued Animals Thank Their Rescuers | These animals are SO grateful to be rescued — so they’re all saying “thanks” to the person who saved them in their own special way. Special thanks to the Great Whale Conservancy ( and the Jane Goodall Institute’s Tchimpounga Sanctuary: Conservancy:

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  1. After watching the news, when I often lose hope for humanity, I watch The Dodo, where my hope for humanity comes back and grows. Thanks to all who care. And many thanks to The Dodo!

  2. To the 11 Scumbags who gave thumbs down. I pray you all die a slow and miserable death. That would make our world a better place.

  3. I have had at least 4 rescue dogs and if I had to say one thing that I have learned, it's that they love you they love me they love telling their story in love

    Animals love… Love

  4. We all have a story, it's just some of us can't tell it through words. This is the way animals express their story with love.

  5. Simply beautiful we need to give thanks to people like this now and all year around for their compassion and the Dodo as well for their humbling posts.
    Happy Holidays and may God bless every human and animal kind on our planet ???????????????

  6. They all rescued animals. I killed mine accidentally. My cat dead because of me. She was sleeping on my bed sheets on the floor and I accidentally press my leg on her. It was yesterday.

  7. Awww this is such a great heartwarming video! Thank you to all the people around the world that help rescue animals like those in this video?

  8. How sick are you 5 people to dislike a video like this? For once with see good in humanity and ya still cold hearted to dislike this video. This generation I swear

  9. Wow!Humanity is still around!These are the heroes who are kind and compassionate!They go all out to help these beautiful animals without having second thoughts!We must have respect for them!Major Salute to all these heroes!!??????

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