Dota 2 Fails of the Week – Ep. 190

Dota 2 Fails of the Week - Ep. 190
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  1. i understand it might be hard to give creative comments over and over again. i have been watching your fails since 5 years ago and even though the fails are entertaining, i gotta say you guys need to work on your comment creativity. make some more analogies, replay some clips so you can give more comments instead of just saying "okay" in the end of clip :)) well, just an idea.

  2. "Too long of a name, keep it to two syllables." Next week " I want to see names that are the beginnings of stories." Damn you guys can't make up your mind.

  3. 7:50 It actually happened with me,when I was playing rubick.I just decided to use it on AM cus he had around 1000 hp and my ally could have finished him off…but I just ended up killing myself… yeah,AM aghs is rly annoying!:(

  4. i dont get the antimage clip? whats the fail? the fact that the enemy team didnt spread out? doesnt seem like a fail it just seemed like a careless mistake by them??

  5. The Huskar lifebreak against the ancient creep was actually brilliant, because it and the Faceless Void had been hit by the Warlock's fatal bonds, so by going on the creep he was able to kill the Void before the Shrine could be activated.

  6. I feel a lot better after watching these clips, especially the last one.

    Seriously 5 vs 0 and still lost? Not to mention they didn't wait for the radiant to come back. Commend karma.

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