Heroic Animal Rescue Recognized by Ellen Degeneres, Halo Pets and the Petco Foundation

Heroic Animal Rescue Recognized by Ellen Degeneres, Halo Pets and the Petco Foundation
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Check out this amazing announcement with Ellen as she, Halo, and the Petco Foundation kick-off an amazing opportunity for animal welfare organizations to submit grants and make their holiday wishes come true! Plus, see the heartwarming story of firefighters David Carraway with City of Las Vegas Fire & Rescue and Gregg Burns with North Las Vegas Fire & Rescue, who brought two puppies back to life. Get out your tissues!

Something extraordinary happens when pets and people connect. A unique bond is formed that results in something powerful, not only between pets and people, but in a way that makes the world a better place. Our promise is to nurture that relationship completely–mind and body.

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  1. Hiiiii Ellen ….this is Rashmi from India, Karnataka(Bangalore).. lots of love to uuuuu..???????????????
    …I'm very happy to tell u that I've rescued a weak, fragile pigeon. It was sitting on the footpath space near my office this evening..like around 6.15 pm.
    I carefully placed it into a small carton box….and now I'm carrying it to the veterinary hospital for some treatment. I think it has a hurt in feet ..it's not able to fly…or flap it's wings…I wanted to take it home but I feel it is slightly diseased. But I'm happy I'm doing a good thing now …
    Love you Ellen ????????????? I'm always inspired by your message and fun talks.
    All the very Best ???…

  2. The American audiences are crazy jumping and screaming at the top of there voices and hugging each other. A little bit of control does not hurt one

  3. Wow! God Bless you guys, I pray you have all your needs met, because of your loving hearts!
    Thanks for sharing even if I`m only seeing this 4 yrs late! '3 Wonderful to see good people still walking this planet! Halleu Yah!

  4. Petco is absolutely one of the worst places for animals ever. I gave up shopping there and so did everyone i know after showing them the blatant neglect and abuse for animals… Reptiles especially. Emaciated, starved… Theres been pythons ive picked up to attempt to bit and realized they had scale rot and parasites… Ive complained and shown too many managers the problems and they dont care they lie and come up with excuses about store policies. Their fish are covered with ick and obviously arent treated with copper solutions because they house them with vertebrates that would die if exposed to copper. Petco attempts to salvage their name when they neglect animals, abuse animals, sell you sick animals, and they are obviously not qualified to care for these animals. Dont let their flashy little posts and happy facade fool you they need to be shut down.

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