Animals rescued from cruelty in Arkansas

Animals rescued from cruelty in Arkansas
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On June 29, 2016, The HSUS Animal Rescue Team and local law enforcement officials rescued 46 dogs from a property in Jefferson County, Arkansas. Most were severely emaciated, with bald patches where fur should have covered them. Thankfully, the dogs have been removed from the property and are being taken to a temporary shelter where they will be thoroughly examined by a team of veterinarians and receive any necessary immediate medical treatment.


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  1. Until you help the people to rise up out of poverty, you can't help the animals. I grew up a poor Native American kid in Appalachia, and I saw dogs get better treatment than Native people, so I am absolutely skeptical of what you are about. White people see us as beneath animals, and that is disgusting.

  2. Can u just shoot to death all these devils who abuse these pitiful pets?? Theryre not humans but DAMN DEVIL INCARNATES☻??☻??☻??

  3. So sad no one see their cries what kind of human they living in thus world suffres animals ?
    Poor those creaturs they ganna have good night sleep with full stomach food ?

  4. Donate. Volunteer. Work with your local shelter to get the dogs out there for people to see. Foster. Adopt from you local shelter or a rescue group. Share the message and the awesome dogs on your web pages.

  5. I think there are now, on YT if you look, HSUS videos of rebirth and post-rescue. Which I love to watch. Everybody loves a comeback story. Even though these dear creatures never should have suffered this neglect in the first place, it is heartening to know they have been saved, and are now 'living the life'..whenever things get too crappy-crazy on the news, or at the WH…I tune to animal rescue vids. And I get a dose of hope and healing. We urge people to get on board with the rescue of their choices, and help wherever they happen to be!

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  8. My rescue dog Jacky comes from the exact same situation. He lived like that for 7 years of his life. Now, after one year of therapy at the rescue house and 2 years living with me he is the happiest he can be. He had to learn everything from zero: never wagged his tail, never barked, didnt know how to drink water from a bowl, how to use stairs, he didnt understand dog treats or toys. My sweet boy is a happy relaxed dog now but they never fully recover and he still struggles with some fears, hoarding situations are terrible.

  9. There are not enough thank yous that can be said for these precious dog's rescuers. Bless all of those men and women who cared enough to take time to rescue and save theses babies. I pray that they all are able to recover from their horror. Is there anyway to find out how they are doing and if or when they can be adopted?

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