Animals Left Behind In Hurricane Harvey RESCUED by Heroes | The Dodo

Animals Left Behind In Hurricane Harvey RESCUED by Heroes | The Dodo
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People are risking everything to save thousands of animals left behind in Hurricane Harvey | To help save more animals like this from the flooding in Texas, you can support PETA’s Animal Emergency Fund:

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  1. When a tornado came down nearby I raced over and scoops up my cat and put him in his carrier. I would not willingly leave him behind in such conditions. He's my best buddy and family.

  2. Boy what a nightmare that hurricane was last year. When we got hit in Florida I was lucky. I was 6-7 miles in land from the beach. I ended up staying. I was afraid to leave cause of my cat. I just couldn’t abandon him lucky the water only rose up 2-3 feet around the back of my home. You couldn’t really tell where the street was and the canals where very spacey. It was very hard to handle being a senior. I live in a 60 an older condo development. Some people with little dogs where able to get help and leave but people with cats where told to leave them. My cat is everything to me I just couldn’t leave him behind. He was so quiet he barely moved from my side no water no electric. We where both very hungry and scared. I couldn’t figure out how to put my cat in a carrier plus bring his raw food and carry my oxygen and my walker. So I stayed and hoped for the best.

  3. "okay lock up the dog we’re about to evacuate due to our fucking house flooding but let’s leave the dog locked up on the floor with no food, he’ll be fine”

  4. Anyone who leaves their animal behind on purpose should suffer for the rest of their miserable existence!!! Thank you to the good people who rescued these animals.

  5. Idk how people leave their pets behind. Every time we get tornado warnings here the first things I take down to the basement are my two cats. Almost everything else can be replaced

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