Because Your Rescue Dog Will Always Find a Way to Say "I Love You"

Because Your Rescue Dog Will Always Find a Way to Say "I Love You"
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Rescued animals never cease to amaze us. Homeless dogs saved from the streets or overcrowded shelters are loyal companions, they know how lucky they are to be rescued and the thing they want most is to be with you. This video made by Howl Of A Dog in collaboration with American singer Cassandra Kubinski and Canadian voice actor Tony Daniels is trying to highlight the importance of adoption and raise awareness of the millions of shelter dogs, all over the world, who are waiting to find adoptive families. We got the chance to meet Cassandra last year, during a visit she had in Romania and we are very happy to be part of this beautiful project whose goal is to help animals worldwide. The song in this video is called “You Get Me” and it’s a very special one because it was written in order to encourage pet adoption and to support animal rescue organizations and shelters.
You can download this song “You Get Me” by Cassandra Kubinski feat. Tony Daniels here:
Every download supports pet rescue and a portion of proceeds are donated to Howl Of A Dog and other animal rescue organizations. Please download and share the song!
Follow Cassandra Kubinski on Spotify, Youtube, and at
Visit Tony Daniels at
All the dogs in this video were rescued by Howl Of A Dog organization, Romania, and you can watch their rescue videos here:
Please consider adopting a dog.
You will not only save a life, but also get a forever best friend.

Video by Howl Of A Dog
Song “You Get Me” by Cassandra Kubinski feat. Tony Daniels

To help us save more animals in need please visit:
#HowlOfADog #DogRescue

Howl Of A Dog is a small nonprofit animal rescue organization located in Romania. Our commitment is to rescue abandoned, neglected and abused dogs from the streets or from overcrowded public shelters and to find them suitable loving forever homes.
HOWL OF A DOG organization
Registration Number 33570458


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  1. Thank u howl of a dog for u guys r my super heroes and dont need marvel heroes. Thank u for rescuing our kids and loving them. They deserve everything loving and much more. I am praying for u now every week for funds ans loving volleys n also soi dog in thai. I am frm Singapore.

  2. This is so amazing and cute! ❤️ I don't get why people abandon this furry, loyal and loving furry friends. They're better than humans, honestly.

    Also, I can't even hit my own dogs 'cause I know how it feels being spanked. ❤️

  3. I would LOVE to help animals, if I just had enough money 🙁 so people who could afford it and are helping these poor animals, thank you so much, I give props to you, I love you for this guys.

  4. My dog always gets super happy to see me. She Is almost 4 months old and still bites so she bites a bit and jumps on me lol.

  5. Watching videos like this have me wondering If I should not spay my dog so she can have babies so I can have one and she will live threw that dog In a way and keep the bloodline going. Saddest realization Is knowing my dog won't be around 20 years from now ??

  6. What heartless people will abandon fogs ??? I love them all and I appreciate what you people and other dog rescuers do????

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