100 Animals Rescued in Alabama

100 Animals Rescued in Alabama
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In Blount County, Alabama, a man who started with the best of intentions rescuing animals in need realized his love was turning into neglect. He was no longer able to care for the dogs and cats, and surrendered them to local authorities. The conditions rescuers found them in made the mission all the more difficult.

Slideshow and Full Story: http://www.humanesociety.org/news/multimedia/slideshows/alabama_rescue.html


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  1. This is what people should do when they realize they have too many animals to care for. Many people end up with a hoard of animals that they cannot properly care for. Instead of doing what's right and informing people that they have too many, those people choose to keep all of them, and their health significantly suffers as a result. This man did a good thing by contacting authorities. It makes me happy to see that. The dogs are all well cared for it looks like, but he simply had too many of them, and he owned up to the fact that it was becoming problematic. Wonderful

  2. I can't express how much love I have for these people. I wanted to be a vet but now I can't decide between a vet or be a part of this group thank u so much HSUS for helping these dogs and many other animals. Thank u so much?

  3. when i grow up and get my own money i wan to open an Animal Sanctuary! All i want to do is give all this innocent animals all the love!

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