Unbelievable Buffet, Goodbye Langkawi (Day 7)

Unbelievable Buffet, Goodbye Langkawi (Day 7)
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The buffet line at Kak Yan Nasi Campur in Langkawi was so good it was almost unbelievable. ►Check out my blog: http://migrationology.com/blog/

This vlog is from Day 7 of our Langkawi trip. We started the morning off at the hotel, and just finished some work before our driver picked us up at about 10:30 am. Our flight was at 1 pm, but before we caught our flight our of Langkawi, we need to have lunch. We drove directly over to a restaurant called Kak Yan Nasi Campur, famous throughout the island for serving rice and curry and an outstanding amount and supply of different dishes. To eat at Kak Yan Nasi Campur, you first grab your own plate, fill it with rice, and then you can go through the buffet line and scoop on as much food as you like. I wanted to taste some of everything, but that since there were probably about 50 different dishes, I decided to go for some of my favorites.

The first thing I added to my plate was a grilled fish (ikan bakar), and then I proceed to add on some other fish curry, some vegetable curries, and a famous Langkawi food called bronok, which to my understanding is some kind of sea cucumber. Another part of eating nasi campur are all the fresh vegetables that you can get to garnish your food, and I also got a few scoops of the sambal shrimp paste chili sauce as well. Once you pile up your plate, they judge how much your plate costs by how much you took. Sometimes you may only have a plate for about 6 MYR and other times, if you take a lot of meat and fish like I did you’ll have a bill more like 12 – 13 MYR – but I can guarantee it’s worth it.

I had no choice but to start with the bronok, which is some kind of a sea cucumber. The sea cucumber is sliced up raw and mixed with slices of green mango and onions and some spices as well. It’s one of the most famous dishes from Langkawi. I was expecting it to be more squishy and gelatinous, but on the contrary, it was very crisp, more like very firm squid or like a snail. That made me surprise from the start, but along with the crisp texture, the flavor ingredients of the salad were incredible. I could taste coconut, chilies, and green mango, which made the bronok salad incredible. Next I tried the ikan bakar, grilled fish, which was fantastic as always – fresh fish with a lovely roasted grilled flavor. The vegetables, which I’m not sure what they were, were crisp as well, and were nicely flavored with a hint of coconut milk. The eggplant was relatively plain, but it was nicely cooked so it was creamy all the way through. Another part of eating at Kak Yan Nasi Campur that I didn’t want to miss was eating the sambal chili sauces, combinations of shrimp paste and chilies and onions. Along with the garnishing vegetables and all the delicious curries, the sambal chili sauces were delicious. I loved our meal at Kak Yan Nasi Campur, it was the perfect way to end our trip to Langkawi.

After finishing our nasi campur meal, we headed straight to the airport, checked it and after saying goodbye to all the amazing people we met and spent time with, we boarded our plane. The flight to Penang just took a little over 30 minutes and we arrive to Penang, got our bag, and took a taxi directly to George Town where I had booked a hotel the day before.

We had an amazing 7 day trip to Langkawi, with so many memorable experiences, and delicious food. Thank you for watching these vlogs!

Thank you to everyone in this vlog:

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Kak Yan Nasi Campur

Note: Our trip to Langkawi was sponsored by LADA (Langkawi Development Authority), but all videos and opinions are my own.


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  1. Normally it is more expensive at kak Yan. I used to pay around 8 rm for white rice and fried chicken and a drink. But glad that you only had to pay 13 rm for that amount?

  2. Mark, didn’t expect you to pile up food in your plate like that. Where I come from, we eat one thing at a time, so we know what we’re eating.

  3. Thank you very much for the video Mark.

  4. I AM A LANGKAWIAN FOOD HERE IS BAD.. VERY BAD… and i have travelled many places in malaysia.. have to say food in langkawi is over rated. sucks! compared to penang, or kl, or jb, r kota kinablau..

  5. You should go to perlis try out anjung keli or pokok sawa nasi campur ,their crispy fried ikan keli/catfish is the best in malaysia!

  6. I really like watching his expression on everything he put into his mouth. Really convincing that everything looks delicious and tasty. M glad he really enjoyed our Malaysian food and loving it. Keep up your good food journey and review.. ?❤

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