30 Knocked OUT, Knockout Compilation. Ko's, Streetfights, 1 Punch Knocked out, Hood Fight.

30 Knocked OUT, Knockout Compilation. Ko's, Streetfights, 1 Punch Knocked out, Hood Fight.
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1: Guy gets smashed in the face with a razor scooter and KO’s him quick. 2: Two men in the street going at it. Fella in white knocks him down and then gives him a knockout kick to the face. 3: Two guys in a parking lot and one is going after the other wile the other is just bouncing up and down. Then all of a sudden, Boom, the bouncy guy Knocks out the other with one punch. 4: Black guy rocks white dude with one mega punch and KO he goes. 5: Out of nowhere, as this rugby player is running in for the goal, guy on the other team blasts him in the jaw knocking him out. He falls face first in a slide across the goal while out cold. 6: These to square off in a trailer park street fighting it out. As the blows go, the one gets rocked and drops him hard. 7: Bully tries going after someone he shouldn’t have. He gets blasted with one punch and got knocked out with ease. 8: Brothers going at it inside and catches a kick to the jaw. Instant KO, as he falls he smacks his head on the fireplace. 9: White boys in the street, this cant be good. Short chubby dude gets a two piece and its all over. 10: Hippie runs up on a middle eastern and kicks him in the leg like a chick. Then KO’s him with one punch. Insane. 11: Two brothers throwing blows in the street fighting it out. One connects and KO’s him with the fall into the uncontrollable goofy arms and stiff leg lift. 12: two on one in the parking lot. This dude don’t play. They should have brought more to help. He blasts the first guy with a right knocking him back. The other guy steps forward and catches a left hook getting knocked out, as he falls, his head hits the curb. First guy is coming back in with a swing, it gets blocked followed by a right hook. Boom, knocked out cold. Great scene. 13: Dude is resisting arrest. Cop says hell no. One right to the jaw knocks him out, buckling his legs back and head against the wall. Then came the cuffs. 14: Hicks in school face to face. One stiff arm right to the face and he is done. Instant KO, gets up and can barley walk, stumbling all around. 15: This Ghetto Fight is Fantastic. He steps up off the fence acting hard and bloom, blasted knocking him back into the fence. You can tell he is already knocked out with stiff arms but still on his feet. Here comes the full swing two piece, Boom, Pow, He stumbles away continuing the stiff arm KO. LMAO. 16: This hockey fight begins with a left jab dropping the other teams player. He hops right back up to catch the full blown straight right to only get knocked out falling into the back of his head onto the ice. 17: Chicks in the hood fight, well if you want to call it that. Ol’ girl comes down the sidewalk, pulls back with a full right hook to blast her square in the face. She drops like rock, knocked out. 18: This hood fight is brutal. Guy is pissed dude hit his sister. He grabs a 2×4 and smashes him up side the head. Knocks him out hard. 19: Fellas pissing around at a home party. Dude thinks he cant be knocked out with a slap and lets another dude slap him full swing. Guess he learned his lesson since he got rocked and bent all the way backwards onto his dome. 20: Kickboxer vs thug in this street fight. Karate kid kicks him in the face and down he goes. 21: OMG this guy is talking shit to a tranny. He/she rocks him with one right to the jaw. 22: MMA match. Little dude gets him with a spinning back kick to the face. Instant knockout. 23: This boy shouldn’t even be fighting. Guard up, full stance, still catches one solid right hook. Quick 1 punch knockout. 24: Big guy with a spinning back kick knocks out tall dude with one blow. He falls flat into the street. 25: Man vs Box truck. This silly man tries crossing a busy street and just when he runs ahead faster past the SUV, he plows face first into a moving box truck. KO. 26: Mexican street fight. Buff vs Chubb. Chubb blasts buff with a right and down he goes. Instant Knockout. 27: White boy gets a slap to the face. Sissy knockout. 28: Old bald guys square up. He catches a two piece and goes down quick. Funny knockout. 29: Best for last. Russian streets. As granny slowly crosses the crosswalk on the way home from the market, there are two guys arguing in front of her. One is bigger tough guy and the other is a blue haired freak with a blonde chick. Blue boy pushes the tough guy and gets a right to the face. The tough guy then pushing up on blondie with his back turned. Blue guy gets up and grabs the sausage out of grannies grocery bag. He runs up on tough guy and cracks him up side the dome with the sausage. Instant sausage Knockout. Mr. Blue then guides his girl away and hands granny back her sausage. She puts it back in her bag and continues on like nothing ever happened. OMG Funny!

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  1. Why do they keep hitting them when they're out? You end up killing them and go to jail for the rest of your life….cool man. Knock out….stops the fight.

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