Vietnamese Street Food: Crab Soup (Súp Cua)

Vietnamese Street Food: Crab Soup (Súp Cua)
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When I was in Saigon, one of the many dishes I tried was crab soup, which is known as súp cua. In the neighborhood market near where I was staying, I noticed a lady was selling a big pot of soup everyday. She’d park her double basket bamboo carrier in the middle of the alley in the market, and then she would serve her soup until she sold out everyday. I passed her a number of times, and eventually I couldn’t resist my imagination anymore, and I had to pull up a stool to eat there.

Here Vietnamese crab soup street food stall was very popular, everyday I saw many people would walk up, especially those from around the market area, and they would often order their crab soup (súp cua) for take-away. She would fill it into a flimsy plastic cup, then add in a few toppings, and hand it to the customer. Others would pull up to the drive-though, just pull up on their motorbikes, and order a bowl of soup. I decided to eat there, and Ying and I pulled up little stools and each ordered a bowl of Vietnamese crab soup.

She added a few spoons of the sticky crab soup to a bowl, then sprinkled on some pepper, a handful of green onions, and a little bit of chili sauce to top it off. She then handed me the bowl of soup with a smile. The soup was very sticky and thick, almost like a gravy sauce. Inside the gravy were bits of crab, little pieces of mushroom, and also egg, which was added to the soup like egg drop soup. Additionally there were a couple of quail eggs in the soup as well.

The soup was a little on the plain side, but it was very soothing, and I enjoyed all the ingredients within it. For just 15,000 VND per bowl, it made an affordable and a pretty tasty and soothing afternoon Vietnamese street food snack in Saigon.

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  1. I just wonder why in your list for Vietnamese food there is no video of " Pho" – the symbol of Vietnamese cuisine. Your videos are amazing and have a good day !

  2. will be back my hometurf again in 3 wks for 3 short wks. would you tell me the address where to find this lovely exotic crab sup? again, much oblidged!

  3. Yes, I couldn't agree with you more… I too am obsessed with street food cuisine dinning. A great adventure to Mainland Indonesia has become a dream of my life.

  4. I need to see how they made this soup from start to finish. The texture of that soup what's in it? How they make it gooey? And those eggs my God!

  5. Everyone makes the soup a bit differently — thick or soupy. It seems like she added more flour or starch to give it that thickness. I prefer it more soupy, but it's definitely delicious!

  6. Nice atmosphere! Im glad to see how you can enjoy simple things. Being in that alley, eating local food… that's what I call Traveling. Great job Mark

  7. I remember the Hai Cua restaurant on Truong Hong Dao that had the best crab/corn soup — the best I've ever had. The crab meal was 3 crabs, a cup of the soup and the 'sauce' of salt, pepper and lime juice to dip the crab. If you could finish all three crabs, you could have another crab for no extra cost 🙂

  8. I grew up eating this and as an adult making this soup as well I don't recall having this soup as thick as this! It's almost not too pleasant to eat because of the thickness of it..

  9. That lady did not make it properly. Too much starch, it should be a thick soup not glue. And shouldn't it be with bamboo shoots as well?

  10. Looks like someone gathered all my life's precum, threw it in a bowl with some crab and veggies and served it to you.

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