LIVE: Rescue Dog Best Friends Reunited in 2018 | The Dodo Live

LIVE: Rescue Dog Best Friends Reunited in 2018 | The Dodo Live
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LIVE: These rescue dog best friends haven’t seen each other in weeks and now it’s time for them to reunite in the new year with a little play time in the office!

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  1. OMG DODO PLEASE RESPOND i have adopted an IDENTICAL dog last year and we don't know what race or mix she is, she is exactly the same and have the same behaviour as this white/black doggo. Do you know something? ?????

  2. "It's You! It's You! I thought I'd never see you again buddy!" How absolutely thrilling to see, love this! Bless these pups & their families, I wish them great hapiness! ?

  3. They are going to ruin that chair! I'm upset just watching. That's material right? Should of got one made of concrete. Send us another video in a month with emphasis on the floors, furniture and what ever female lives there's face please.

  4. I don't think the dog in the first clip is as crazy to see his friend as the friend is @ :46. He was trying to get away from him from the very beginning. He even went to the guy sitting down to get help. Well he didn't get any.

  5. I cannot watch your rescue stories or stories of cruelty . I see the images for years . But THESE videos? I can watch these all day every day. Wonderful stuff. TY.

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