Deer rescued from sure death – Wildlife Rescue

Deer rescued from sure death - Wildlife Rescue
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This is one of the most difficult and dangerous rescues we’ve ever attempted in 34 years of Wildlife Aid.

A young deer was trapped in a 10 inch wide, 12 foot deep gap, between a shed and a brick wall. It was so narrow that no one could have got down to the deer. After much consideration and discussion, a risky but ingenious plan was formed.

There was only one chance to get this right; had it gone wrong, the deer would, almost certainly, have broken a leg or, worse still, died.


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  1. a) thank god the owner of the house heard the deer fall in!! saved it from sure death! but b) how the heck, little deer, did you fall down there in the first place? the gap is like, so tiny

  2. Amazing rescue! Those screams are so awful, glad you got the deer out. Love the work you do. Incredible bravery and commitment to wild animals. Well done!?

  3. That was the most stupid piece of building design and work I've ever seen in my life. It's a disaster waiting to happen. Whoever built that needs a brain.

  4. For those refering to an unfindable gwad, keep that belief for yourself. History is full of crime perpreted by believers. There is no gwad nor devil, only wild nature. ?

  5. I love and respect what you do, but a little appreciation once in a while would be nice.
    I love seeing videos of someone helping an animal and afterwards the animal shows it's gratitude.

  6. Poor little babe! Their little squeaks are so pitiful! Where is the momma? I hope they fill in that hole so no other animals can fall in there again.

  7. No it was not screaming because it was hurt by them pulling it up. It was just doing what they do when scared and calling it's mom. It was fine and let free to go to mom.

  8. Why in the world anyone build something like that with a few inch gap in between is beyond me. I mean how are you going to clean the stuff in there? Can you imagine somebody stick a foot in there accidently?

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