Best Fails of the Week: Go Hard, Or Go Home! (March 2018) | FailArmy

Best Fails of the Week: Go Hard, Or Go Home! (March 2018) | FailArmy
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The best fails of the week are back, and we’ve got a fresh batch for you. Everything from gym and lifting fails, to a crazy motocross fail and a dancing girl who tears up her jeans. Have a favorite? Leave it below, and make sure you subscribe for more FailArmy.


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Guy Attempting Bike Trick Falls and Rolls Bike Into Camera
Little Boy Knocks Food off Table After Headspin
Woman Tears Pants While Dancing
Woman Slips in Lane After Throwing Bowling Ball
Dancer Falls When Pole Breaks
Kid Jumps and Falls Over Couch
Three Guys Tip Over Tall Tower of Tables
Guy in Kayak Gets Stuck Under Bridge During High Tide
Girl Can’t Balance on Wave Machine
Kid Wakeboards to School
Guy Breaks Friend’s Car Window
Woman Drops Ball Behind Her While Bowling
Guy Drives Golf Cart During Race
Trampoline Blows Into Fence During Storm
Guy Sleds Directly Into Fence
Guy Hits Head on Wall After Sliding Across Gym Mat
Rescue Officials Help Girl Stuck in Basketball Hoop
Cat Wants Fish Under Ice
Woman Slips and Falls in Mud at Playground
Dog Goes Into Boy on Sled
Guy Can’t Do Backflip on Dirt Bike
Guy Tumbles Forward While Weightlifting
Little Boy Refuses to Believe Mom is Pregnant
Boy Breaks Mirror with Basketball
Airport Tarmac Worker Clears Snow With Traffic Cone
Guy Jumps on Friend Riding Tree Swing
Guy Tries to Jump on Fast Spinning Roundabout
Dog Can’t Reach Treat
Boy Bounces off Couch
Guy Tries to Balance on Ball
Guy Fails to Ride Boogie Board at Skatepark
Guy Washes Chicken With Dish Soap
Man Breaks Pan While Flipping Pancake
Squirrel Bites Woman’s Hand
Guy Shatters Mirror With Heavy Barbell
Girl Runs Away from Boyfriend’s Proposal
Man Slips on Snow-Covered Walkway
Guy Falls off Hoverboard While Crossing Street
Sparrow Poops on Snowmobile
BMX Rider Fails to Perform Backflip at Skate Park

Best Fails of the Week: Go Hard, Or Go Home! (March 2018) | FailArmy
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  1. 4:19
    Black-and-white freeze frame with some banjo music in the background
    Oh hello people, you might wonder how I managed to slam dunk myself.
    Well, have a seat, and hear my story…

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