World's Cutest Puppies – Owning 15 Saint Bernards

World's Cutest Puppies - Owning 15 Saint Bernards
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Song: Love by Maxzwell
Song: Sun by Maxzwell
Yes, you read that right 15 Saint Bernards.
I birthed these puppies and nursed them to life!
Here’s a transformation from week 1 to week 8.
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About the Author: Thomas Shaw


  1. They were so cute, had a dog when I was a kid , he looked like a St was Happer. Thank you for sharing

  2. When I was a kid a neighbor had one, he was a very noble dog he looked after us kids would try to shield us from other animals.

  3. Gorgeous pups, so sweet ❤I'm curious where you live, its soooooo beautiful there!!! I'm guessing some part of Washington, Oregon or Canada? I'm so envious, that's where I want to be!

  4. Very beautiful dogs you did a good job it's a lot of work with big pups I raised Mastiff and I'm done now I'm 63 and it's just too much now but I am glad I did it when I was younger

  5. I want the one sitting next to you at the vet office!!! That look she keeps giving you is awesome!

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