Top 10 Talented Great Street Performers Videos – People Are Awesome

Top 10 Talented Great Street Performers Videos - People Are Awesome
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Amazing street performer videos. Talented street performers with talent and skill showing their best. People are awesome. People are amazing.

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Full videos in order of appearance:

Juggling Street Performer

Skating Street Performer in Berlin

Billy Jeans – A street performer imitating Michael Jackson in Nordstan

Let It Go – Main Street Piano with Jonny May

Vivaldi by Street Performer in Madrid

Incroyable danseur c’est un artiste avec du talent a regarder

Extraordinaria Mujer como artista en la calle a Milano

Human Statue (Street Performer in Manchester)

Amazing Street Performer climbs up a light pole!

times square street performers


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  1. hardly top ten. there were two good acts. the violin was great. the hoops girl was pretty good. the rest were quite lackluster.

  2. ? This is amazing I was sleeping and suddenly I awoke because I heard the Beautiful piano being played and my eyes were closed and I thought it was a video of maybe some flowers opening well I thought it was so beautiful I had to turn and look at the tablet and I couldn't believe that I saw this person the street playing this music wow he's amazing

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