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If you see any factual food errors in my video, please feel free to politely let me know in the comments.

I’m a huge fan of trying different, interesting and strange foods in each country. My show is from a Western point of view, but more importantly MY point of view, but is not meant to offend any person or culture.


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  1. Getting addicted to your video
    You are truly best ever food review show
    Keep it up, now you can show your earnings report which u showed as 115 last time?

  2. "Nice", You get to try cucumber, take the biggest bite ever, don't b shy now, you'll only stirr the locals, "That's Like The Fountain Of Youth"! It's an Afrodesiac, just like water melon, and raw oysters, and Rocky mountain oysters. Gets your junk up, meaning your, "Penis"! Feels like "Viagra", on a normal 2day fuck. Yet it lasts for 2 and half months.

  3. @best ever food review… I like the girl in your video.. If possible plz share her social profile to me.. I really wanna meet her… FYI i m not a tharki guy ?

  4. At 3: 31 that's nature's dildo… Bt why He's eating it… Should have given it to that girl beside him… She should have tried it out

  5. Sonny and your crew, I have to tell you. I've been subscribed for only about a month now and there hasn't been a day gone by that I don't watch you show at least a couple times a day. Thank you for what you do and keep it up! It really is The Best Ever Food Review Show.

  6. Bro, you do eat cucumber one time on camera when a very adorable girl give it to you in Vietnam. :)) Don’t fool your besty bro :))

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