Goats and Piglets Play Together On Farm (Storyful, Wild Animals)

Goats and Piglets Play Together On Farm (Storyful, Wild Animals)
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The goats, lambs and piglets are all having a great at “Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary”! They get pampered in the most perfect environment imaginable, and the people looking after them do it with a smile on their faces. This video shows play time and feeding time for the animals, both of which they enjoy in equal measure!

Credit: YouTube/edgarsmission
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Original video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kIF3BYBXZWA
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  1. If only I could hear the animals instead of this music. Amazingly cute video but please don't push your music taste on others. Let us hear the universally accepted sounds of animals and the nature which surrounds them.

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