Family Rescues Whale Tangled In Net | The Dodo

Family Rescues Whale Tangled In Net  | The Dodo
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Family Rescues Whale Tangled In Net | This family’s boat ride turned into a dramatic whale rescue — and the whale spent an hour thanking them in the most beautiful way! To help these rescuers protect more whales, you can support the Great Whale Conservancy:

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  1. I am sobbing…sobbing….that was her way of showing her gratitude…what a beautiful story….beautiful…that child was so wise to say I know what she is doing she is showing us she's really free….beautiful…

  2. Most of the words I've thought to say have already been said below, but it never hurts to repeat a thank you for the men who dove into the water with that magnificent but deadly creature, in order to save her life. When the whale lept out the water I was crying tears of joy but when I heard the little child say "Mommy he's showing us he's free" I boo-hooed like a baby ???

  3. yeah right… this is so fake.. the guy has a different color speedo on in every scene…. looks like the mechanical shark from Jaws in the close ups and then some National Geographic footage for the jumps.

  4. in the name of{Allah} the most compassionate the most merciful,,
    this great work I hope the creator give you great boons in judgment day , respect for you

  5. This is so beautiful! WOW I LOVE NATURE Like this and tell me if you would do the same. And also thought its was adorable when the little kid said that the whale was happy and free! WOW

  6. Whale: I don't know what kind of fish looks like that but tbh I'm running out of options. Y'all tryna help a homie out?

    The whale could've freaked out and not allowed them to help. So it's cool that it did and they did. Team effort?

  7. Tears – of JOY – to my eyes! What a wonderful thing this family accomplished, with one small knife available. And the whale really did understand that they had helped set her free. I hope plastic fishing nets and plastic gill nets are abolished NOW.

  8. when the whale was free and she started jumping i had chills going down my spine and a smile on my face ,god bless these people and the whale

  9. Freaking wan*ers with their stupid nets!I hope they get stuck in one of those nets that they leave behind so sharks can feast on their stupid asses!?

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