Deer Rescued from Soccer Net: INTENSE Animal Rescue | The Dodo

Deer Rescued from Soccer Net: INTENSE Animal Rescue | The Dodo
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Deer Gets Rescued From Soccer Net | When a deer got tangled up in a soccer net, this guy wouldn’t give up until he was running free again. Love Animals? Subscribe:

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  1. put the fuckin camera down deer in velvet this net around his antler and was about to break off at the skull… all you had to do was sit on him and grab a fuckin knife or scissors not a wire cutter they are blunt … this was disgusting and all the tree huggers are probably condoning this gross dislike

  2. Pretty cool how the deer seemed to understand by the end that A) dude was trying to help, and B) what the guy meant by stop

  3. Just imagine all the bruises! Both Deer and rescuer got beat up from the panic- I wish they could have subdued the deer's scrambling- that poor baby was so freaked out! Big kudos to the people who set it free!

  4. Poor thing probably ran off and dropped dead in the woods. Deer do not do well with human contact, at all.

  5. that buck's antlers were in velvet. When their antlers are in this stage, bucks try their best to avoid obstacles, because under the velvet, it's just cartilage and veins. This means if anything were to happen to them, it can be extremely painful and can lead to long term damage. looking at how much the buck struggled, it's antlers are probably going to be deformed for the rest of its life.

  6. sit on him an cover his mouth with clorophome' its a young male American deer..just sedate him before you do anything..that ways theres no stress on ither party and you can safely free th we deer without getting hurt..

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