Abused Dog Feels Love for the First Time After Spending Life in Chains | The Dodo

Abused Dog Feels Love for the First Time After Spending Life in Chains | The Dodo
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Dog Who Spent Life Chained Up Kisses New Family | This dog lived on her a chain her whole life — and this is the moment everything changed ❤️

Video by: Eli Ralston
To help these rescuers save more dogs like Sarah, you can support PETA’s Investigations and Rescue Fund: http://thedo.do/stopabuse.

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  1. Как можно было такого красивого пса обижать и посадить на цепь?? Это курцхаар, кстати, он охотничий.

  2. How can anyone hurt animals, look at that face, the eyes say it all. Such forgiveness after suffering so much neglect.

  3. Please Dodo, don't have anything to do with PETA. They are a terrible, unethical organisation who kill almost every pet they "rescue". They murder thousands of healthy, adoptable cats and dogs every year, because they believe pets are better off dead than being owned by humans, even the most loving owners. For those who don't believe me, search 'PETA euthanasia statistics' or 'Maya the chihuahua'.

  4. i will never understand people how mistreat animals.maybe if they had to go with out. just maybe they might get it.
    just dont get an animal if u cant handle the resposibility or dont have money or time. its just that simple..

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