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  1. This made me cry so badly. Tears of joy at the end to see Carly looking taken care of and beautiful! Wonderful rescue of the poor neglected dog. Thank you so much for saving Carly’s life. Sooo happy Carly found loving parents and a beautiful home and a dog sibling. ❤️❤️❤️??❤️❤️❤️?

  2. God is good and so are his people… It does my heart good to see such kindness in a world where so many animals are often forgotten about.. It should give all of us HOPE and UNDERSTANDING.. This is what it takes to save all these animals.. Start looking past what’s in front of you and see that every animal has a place in this world… MERCY

  3. In my opinion…Carly's living spirit & SMILE came alive when she realized she was getting out of her cage & something GREAT WAS ABOUT TO HAPPEN TO HER!!!
    I can't even imagine what life would be like for my family around our house if we didn't have our 2 babies, Dixie Girl & Bama Boy.

  4. How anyone can get away with this sort of neglect is beyond me, it's about time animal abusers were dealt out severe punishment, including imprisonment!! Maybe then this sort of neglect will end! I know animal shelters mainly rely on volunteers and are so in need of help, but to leave this poor little girl in this state is a disgrace! God Bless everyone involved in Carly's rescue and recovery, what a beautiful happy girl she is. Thank you for finding her a loving furever home. Lots of love from Australia xx?

  5. Stupid owner..Show me that man!!!…How can you treat her like that!!!…Stupid….Thank you for helping her..Carly is very very Beautiful..GBU…

  6. GOD bless you people for your help, this little sweet dog needed it that"s for sure. I don't know the specifics of this, but l don't see how this could have happened.

  7. I do not understand how a person could be so heartless. Takes a real jack*** to hurt an animal. Defenseless and scared. I hate the people who thinks it's okay to harm a furrbaby. These videos have me snuggling with my two like the babies they are. Both are rescues too! Never get from a breeder!!!

  8. Why can't people educate themselves and give dogs the care that they need? They wouldn't like it if their mothers had neglected them. Why do they think it is alright to neglect a dog?

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