Scared Pit Bull With Mouth Taped Shut Rescued by Animal Cops Detroit – Hope For Dogs | My DoDo

Scared Pit Bull With Mouth Taped Shut Rescued by Animal Cops Detroit - Hope For Dogs | My DoDo
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This video was created with the financial assistance of donors across the globe including: Associate Producer, Diane Donnelly of The Donnelly Group.

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Michigan Humane Society Officers uncover new dogs being used to “bait” Fighting Dogs. Follow our cameras as we show you the horrific situations these dogs are forced to endure.

Follow the ongoing stories of the people and the dogs of the city of Detroit in this ground-breaking new series from the World Animal Awareness Society as the WA2S works to solve the stray dog management problems.

Executive Director of the World Animal Awareness Society and American Strays series Producer & Director, Tom McPhee dives deep into the issues and circumstances that affect both people and canine in this derelict, yet dynamically changing city.

Episode Songs:
Focused Energy


End Title and Official Series Song:
Get Right With God


Special Thanks to Lucinda Williams & Tom Overby for the song donation of “Get Right With God”

Series Camera:
Michael Kuentz
Jeff Wolka
Michelle Way
Tom McPhee

Series Editor & Sound Design:
Esther Regelson

Opening Tile & Closing End Credits Animation Sequence:
Frank Forrestall

Series Producer & Director:
Tom McPhee

Special thanks to the Michigan Humane Society, Michigan Anti Cruelty Society, Detroit Animal Control and the Mayor of Detroit’s Office, and the volunteers and people of the city of Detroit who continue to help us find humane solutions to the worlds dog population problems.

For complete details about the American Strays canine census and the research the World Animal Awareness Society is conducting in the city of Detroit and elsewhere as well as a full list of volunteers and citizen scientists can be found here:

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  1. I hope who ever taped that dogs mouth shut dies a slow painful death maybe they should be tied up and tape there mouth shut and tie them up and leave them in a house with no food or water

  2. There is not enough punishment for people that do this to animals I hate hate hate them,I am so,Mad so, angry ,I am crying ,It is so hard to,watch this.

  3. Thank you to the rescuers for the work you do Without you these poor creatures wouldn’t stand a chance The twisted minded abusers should be jailed . US laws on animal cruelty are too lenient

  4. Oh! God …. The tape is so tight that the poor little guy's muzzle is swollen. Can you just imagine being bitten like that and you can't even open your mouth? The cruelty of it. How can people enjoy this? Just who is the animal?

  5. poor thing. It couldn't even defend himself. What cruelty! Hope it gets a forever home all it wants is to be loved and they return that love too.

  6. I am so glad these babies were saved punish these piece of ?ppl too stupid to understand it is a felony to fight dogs punish to the full extent of the law

  7. Humans are the cruelest spieces on earth animals don't behave like we do. Pits are so forgiving and loving. We abuse them and they get a bad rap. Thank you for all you do for dogs. God bless you and the dogs. What a sweet face

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