Photos Of RESCUED DOGS: Before & After

Photos Of RESCUED DOGS: Before & After
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In This Video:

1. Rasta
This poor guy was found in the streets of Montreal looking so filthy that it was hard to tell that he was actually a dog.He could barely move underneath all his matted hair. But look how charming he seems after his cleanup!

2. Miley
Miley was found living in a trash pile, severely injured and barely able to walk. Now Miley is happy and healthy, living in a new home with her new family.

3. Kenzi
Kenzi came to Cocker Spaniel Rescue of Austin & San Antonio from San Antonio as an abuse/neglect case. Her transformation shows what some tender loving care and soothing baths.

4. Ellen
Ellen’s legs was so heavy that it was starting to rip out at the root.
2 pounds of it was shaved away. Now this 2-year-old girl is ready for her new life to begin.

5. Dolly
One woman spotted this little poodle eating from a trash can in Los Angeles. She reached out to Hope For Paws, which helped the little girl become fluffy and charming again, removing 10 pounds of fur from the 15-pound pooch.

6. Theo
Theo’s owners moved away and left the poor creature to live on the streets, where he spent about a year until Hope For Paws came to rescue him.

7. Betty
Little Betty was abandoned by her owners. Once ashamed by her appearance, she is now ready for a new home.

8. Woody
Woody was dumped on the streets after his owner passed away.
The rescuers soon realized that the dog was blind in one eye.
Despite his fear, he surrendered to the rescuers’ gentle touch.

9. Alana
Alana was surrendered to the shelter severely matted and dirty, hardly recognizable as a dog. To give vaccinations it was mandatory to shave her completely, which revealed her being much younger than initially thought.

10. Vita
A man found Vita, starving and close to death, in a junkyard in the Los Angeles area. She weighed only 70 pounds. The rescuers spent months helping her rehabilitate with good veterinary care, grooming and a proper diet, and now she’s a new dog.


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  1. I foster dogs and see do many of these cases come my way and by the end of treatment and lots of love they all go to loving homes and the dogs smile is all worth it , please be kind to all animals

  2. If veterinarians make appointments at six months shots to spay or neuter then people can still afford it instead of waiting until its too late, pictures like this just shouldn't happen.

  3. Why is there so much bestiality in this country and other countries? Dogs are the most tortured animals in the world. Every year, millions of dogs are thrown out into homelessness. They are needlessly bred, mistreated, tortured, killed through homelessness and by pervert caretakers who breed dogs for sale or for food, all around the world. The way dogs are being killed for food is also the most cruel. Killing a dog for food, as any other animal, should be done as quickly as possible, taking care to inflict as little pain and suffering as possible. Dogs that are not wanted should be put down with morphine, if they cannot be put for adoption and taken by very loving persons. Around the world, there are so many drugs, there is more and more drug addicts and people using drugs commit a lot of crime, they are sick and suffer from ailments – which costs the rest of society, and they have children who are sick or cripple, who are again another burden for society, thereby creating more problems. Many years ago scientists talked about growing meat on shelves – of many animals – which would be the best for our world today, because there won't be animal killing, which is barbarian and very painful. This would be most humane. The world needs such technology, which would be not only most humane but also ecological. Ban dog breeding. Dogs should live up to 100 years, like the Dingo's in ecological and clean nature, where soil, water, air and food were pure. Almost all shelters should be closed, except a few that are government approved and sponsored to preserve the species, and where the dogs will be bred in very small amounts for the pure love of the species – not through rape that is done by most breeders, or even forcing dogs to mate, or in-vitro which is also forcing to breed. A loving owner does not have to sterilize his pets because his/her care is so good that mating is not allowed. Sterilization is against nature, it's very painful, deprives the body of needed physiology, hormones, deprives the body of a natural way of cleansing itself and accelerated aging, also causes psychological changes that are unnatural. Dogs were since thousands of years humanity's friends around the world, among all the other animals. Within the last decades, in literature, withing scientific circles, among artists and also among common folks – dogs are being treated as best friends and loved the most. Dog meat should be banned, because is accompanied by horrific tortures and killings. The destruction of world ecology is because of human bestiality, the butchery of nature. Nature was first, than animals and humans after that. We belong to nature and the animal kingdom. That's why we demand a humane approach, actions by the governments against perversions and destructions of ecology, and against bestiality against the world, notably against dogs which we love the most of all animals – because they deserve it, which the last hundreds of thousands of years of love between us has proven. They are our best friend since always (and were even honored as deities in parts of Europe, like parts of Germany, Denmark, Poland and others; Jewish religions have destroyed ethnic and ancient religions, documents and archeological proof is being destroyed to erase our historical awareness; religions that hailed the dog as a divinity, were non-violent religions that lacked cruelty and mistreatment towards the dog, putting in first place the human-dog friendship and great love; Jewish religions on the other hand, give only cruelty, terrible fraud and perversions, tortures – Holy Inquisition – murders, wars, religious terror.) We feel great distress and are very saddened because of the destruction of nature, the crimes against humankind and the cruelty inflicted upon DOGS and other animals.

    ?? ??? People who rescue dogs and other animals are really great. We appreciate your sacrifice. Many people love a dog like a dearest person, like a best friend. Best Wishes! ?? ???

  4. Great compilation with lots of happy endings. Those at the ending are new. Underwater shots of pooches are quite original.

  5. I hope all dog abusers go to hell I live my grandma's house and I am asking my dad for a dog because I am sad and lonely I think I will die of depression but hopefully if my dad moves soon I could be happy again I want to get a dog who has prombles so I could help it

  6. If you don't want your dog anymore or can't take care of it GIVE IT TO A SHELTER OR FIND SOMEONE TO TSKE CARE OF IT DONT JUST THROW IT OUT LIKE THEY'RE GARBAGE dogs need love too they are living creatures.

  7. My neighbor, years ago while in Central Park, spotted a homeless woman, clearly mentally unstable. When the cops arrived to help, Dave decided to take the dog home, because he knew (this was back in the day when homeless people could still be grabbed and carted off somewhere)..that the dog would wind up euthanised, treated as 'excess baggage'. Dave and Susan brought the dog home, named him Archie, and it turned out the dog was just neglected and starved, but had no illnesses. Also, Archie was a chow/retriever mix. With his rust/golden fur, and goofy personality, he was loved by one and all. He died in his sleep, old and happy, at 15!!

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