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  1. I love living in Mississippi. If anyone pulled this shit in a restaurant/store/ pretty much any person in my city. They’d be shot. And the cops would have em in handcuffs quicker than a 12 year old can cum

  2. Like I'm gonna let some malnourished punks walk up on me… I'd beat all their asses. You got nothing better to do than sit outside of stores all day long begging for change and searching for roaches? I'll knock every single one of your teeth out of your head and really help you achieve that crackhead look you're going for. ?

  3. 8:30 “Stop this isn’t the place!”? If y’all didn’t want me to fight y’all should’ve gotten in between them before hands were thrown.

  4. Dude, almost all these fights aren't even cool to watch. If I wanted to see people try and kill each other i would watch videos from the Iraq war. People these days are so out of control. No matter what anyone says, its never ok to kick a person while they're down or knocked out. That's some pussy shit. The only time you should try and kill a person with your bare hands is if they're a known pedophile, rapist, or women beater. Otherwise, it's too much.

  5. Why do they go through life encouraging shit Caananites do? Animals encourage the fights, the hate, the pride and arrogance. Knocking people out, beating them after they're down..not's animal. Standing around recording, laughing, egging it on…and in the end that's the sorry evil individual NOT getting into Heaven. Instead of buffering, stopping a fight they drive it to idiotic extremes so they can upload something "cool" to youtube. Do you deserve to be saved?

  6. Every time there is a fight at my school there is always this one bitch that after the first punch they go "OH NO THATS ENOUGH THE FIGHT IT OVER" and then they pull everyone away and that rlly gets on my nerves. I wish there were better fights at my school.

  7. I've got a good idea…let's fight directly next to traffic.

    One more thing…learn how to film. Get your finger off the lens, no one cares you're filming…so film it!

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