Cutest Yorkies Puppies – A Funny Dogs Videos Compilation 2017

Cutest Yorkies Puppies  - A Funny Dogs Videos Compilation 2017
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Cutest Yorkies Puppies – A Funny Dogs Videos Compilation 2017
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  1. Im just wathinchg these because i just lost my own yourkshiterrier we had to quit him because he had expensive surgery over 5000$ and we didnt have money for that.. no need to like but positive comments would help me rn

  2. God gave me my baby. Someone threw her away and God brought her to my yard. Her name is tiny and she is such a love, I just don't know how someone can throw any animal away. She is so full of life and love. Th
    Thank you God

  3. Thank you for the videos. Our Yorkie passed away last month. She gave us a wonderful 15 years. I know there are other very intelligent dog breeds but Yorkies are pretty amazing.

  4. I'm looking for a small dog. but ppl tell me to stay away from terriers.
    Are they little tearaways? bark a lot.annoying or are they fun, loads of character, clever & can teach tricks?

  5. I have a pure bred porksire terrior or a teacup yorkie as u would call him and he acts jus like the other yorkie in this video and I was just in awe the whole time

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