Cutest Puppies Dreaming Compilation 2014 [NEW]

Cutest Puppies Dreaming Compilation 2014 [NEW]
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A puppy dreaming or a dog dreaming can be so cute. These cute puppies dream while sleeping. They will all turn out to be such cute and funny dogs.


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  1. Some puppies that have never opened their eyes dream and move around in their sleep, i wonder what their little minds are thinking of seeing as theyve never seen anything before !

  2. at 2.23 its is my puppy and my video, I appreciate that it's in your video but im a bit naffed off that you used it without my permission. original video on my channel. puppy is called Bailey. 🙂

  3. im gonna tell some short storys about what i think there dreaming of in the reply section, i know there jenders bye if they have a willy or not but i dont know what therre names are so i will just say some random names for them instead,just in case ;P

  4. Breeder:ok for now I have ten of each what would you like?

    Me:oh great ill take all of them please oh and be sure they are tiny


    me :alright all 180000000 are here now for reading a book

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