What an amazing outcome!!! Thank you so much!!! :-)

What an amazing outcome!!!  Thank you so much!!!  :-)
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This video was created just to THANK YOU for your support! We had such an amazing campaign here on YouTube, and thanks to you, we were able to raise funds that will help us save so many more animals this year!

This effort continues every day and every night as we are trying to respond to as many calls as possible. When you are sharing our videos, people learn about us and they know to call us when they see an animal in need and the animals really appreciate it as their lives are changing.

One SUPER EXCITING thing that is coming up soon is our next campaign that is coming closer to Thanksgiving… a whole new series of videos with a new technology that you have never seen before on our channel!

TODAY I have a little extra help here in the office, so if you didn’t order your own Lucky Leash yet, please do it now and we will send it to you later on this afternoon. Your dog will be so proud to walk with a leash that supported the rescue of another dog: https://www.hopeforpaws.org/lucky_leash

ALL the funds are going straight towards medical care, and as winter is coming closer, we want to be able to save more and more animals so they won’t have to live outside where is wet and cold.

Even if you don’t have a dog (yet), you can get a couple as gifts for your friends – the holidays are almost here, and for now, shipping in the U.S is FREE!

Thank you again so much for participating in this campaign and for donating. Thank you for helping us save animals and thank you for sharing our videos.

Last but not least, thank you to the adopting families of Yogi, Boo-Boo, Napoleon, Cricket, Mr. Bones and Alice for joining us to film this video update for you 🙂


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  1. I’m literally crying… What they do for these animals is just something that every single person should do. I’m so happy that hope for paws exist and I wish we had hope for paws in the country I live in too…❤️
    I have seen so many strays and I’m still young to do anything, while I feed them some times but I wish I could do a lot more like hope for paws.
    I myself tried to rescue so kittens but because I don’t have the money to pay for medical care some of the kittens I took care of died and that broke my heart.
    Thank you Hope For Paws for helping animals in danger and giving them a nice home!❤️

  2. I hope theres a hope for paws here in our country Philippines, coz theres a lot of stray dog here.. i watch so many rescue videos of you! Im so proud to have hope for paws for all helpless dog who need your help… Someday i meet you soon thats my dream! Keep it up and God Bless You Guys..

  3. Awwwe!!!… Would that be the Awesome Motivational Speaker!!???… He's AMAZING and So is Eldad and Loretta and the other Volunteers that help out!!!… Love You All?!!!??????…

  4. 日本から応援する??ワンちゃん保護のスタッフの優しさが遠い日本でも感動して何時も動画を楽しみに見ている。日本でもピースワンコという動物保護団体が有ります。頑張れ?

  5. I'm in the UK ?? and would rather support a charity nearer to home. I love the work you do. I'm on minium wage and would love to support you lot. Sorry I can't but I'll share ?

  6. @HooeForPaws I REALLY want a lucky leash, but the shipping to Canada is more than the leash! I already am a member who donates monthly, (for over a year) so I can’t afford $23 for a leash right now.
    God Bless & keep up the amazing work!

  7. oleeeee, hacéis un trabajo admirable, espectacular,no tengo palabras para describir lo q siento cada vez q salváis a un animalito es tan bonito y esperanzador saber q hay personas como vosotr@s,yo amo los animales y merecen ser amados,..sois maravillos@s,..ojala vivierais para siempre, la naturaleza necesita personas como vosotr@s ,con tanta humildad ,sois maravillos@s ,sois ángeles humanos..

  8. I love watching y’all I’m a animal lover I hate seeing dogs and other animals just get abandoned and don’t have homes I’m only 13 I really wanna help rescue animals as well I have 3 dogs of my own I just wanna say y’all are amazing people and keep up the good work?❤️

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