Tiny baby fox gets head TRAPPED in a fence!

Tiny baby fox gets head TRAPPED in a fence!
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At this time of year, one rescue call dominates above all others – young animals trapped in netting or fencing.

Just yesterday, Simon was called out to a young fox cub that had got his head stuck in a garden fence. Although the youngster wasn’t badly trapped, he was certainly very feisty and gave Simon a good nip for his troubles!

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  1. I Remember I rescued a western Rattle snake, It was about 0ne foot long, Someone told me later the small ones are more posenes that the full grow snakes…..LOL

  2. If you're ever in the middle east with your car, give me a call, I'd love to sort and organize your trunk.
    Great rescue (-:

  3. Poor thing………..you can see the fear in it's eyes! Primeval response to being trapped and a human turns up that has no natural predator…….scary for the cub!

  4. Netting is a huge problem for flying foxes in Australia. People wrap their fruit trees in it and not many have yet switched over to the wildlife-friendly type. If anyone has family or friends down under who use the bad netting, please pass on the word! ❤?

  5. if your wearing that headgear your getting electromagnetic signals to your brain and they will be harming your body STOP DOING THIS because the animals need your help and they wont if and WHEN you are ill because of that device

  6. Sometimes they look back in gratitude, and sometimes they'll scream and dig their teeth into your fingers. That's wildlife for you!

  7. My nick in english is ,,Rescue Forest Animals"
    I have in my Polish House Baby Red Fox (Vulpes Vulpes)
    Congratulations you are Very Good Human ^_^

  8. Бедняга! Спасибо вам, что помогаете животным, это наши братья! Я бы хотел работать с вами

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