AMAZING Greek Food Tour and Top Things To Do in Athens, Greece!

AMAZING Greek Food Tour and Top Things To Do in Athens, Greece!
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Check out this amazing Greek food and attractions in Athens, Greece!
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Today was an amazing day of traveling in Athens, Greece. We ate some incredibly delicious Greek food and saw some of the most famous attractions, including the Acropolis (Parthenon) in Athens.

Here’s what you’ll find in this video:

Diporto Restaurant – This is an amazing hidden gem of a restaurant serving traditional Greek food in a downstairs basement tavern. They only have a few dishes per day, and you order whatever they have – everything is delicious.
Total price – 25 EUR for everything

Souvlaki Lefteris o Politis – This is another famous souvlaki, Greek street food, hole in the wall that I was excited to try because they are known for their spicy souvlaki. It was awesomely delicious and something you shouldn’t miss if you love Greek food.
Price – 1.90 EUR per piece

Plaka Neighborhood – In the afternoon, I walked around the Plaka Neighborhood for a while and also saw the National Garden.

Panathenaic Stadium – In order to fulfill my inner Olympian, I entered into the Panathenaic Stadium, walked around this amazing marble stadium, and took a victory lap. It was awesome, it’s a must see when you’re in Athens.
Entrance price – 5 EUR

Dio Dekares i Oka Restaurant – We had an early Greek food dinner at Dio Dekares i Oka Restaurant that serves home-style Greek food. The lamb with dill and celery was the highlight dish for me.
Total price – 33 EUR for everything

Acropolis of Athens – There’s no doubt that the Acropolis of Athens, which includes the Parthenon is the most famous attraction to see in Athens. It was at the center of Athens and the center of Western civilization at its peak. It’s an amazing sight to see, even though it’s high damaged. But it’s truly breathtaking to admire the columns.
Combined attractions ticket – 30 EUR

Hope you enjoyed this Athens travel guide tour, with amazing Greek food and some must see attractions. Thank you for watching.

Thank you for watching this Greek food tour of Athens!

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  1. Hey Mark, thank you so much for this great tip. My husband and I went there couple weeks ago and the food was amazing! We ended up sitting with two locals and they said that was traditional Greek food!

  2. We Greeks we know how to eat, dance, live our lifes and we haven't nothing common with Turks! Its a huge insulting if someone saying greeks and Turks looks the same. So sorry Turks! We are not the same with you! Dont be sad because you copyright our foods, our folklore dances, even the fairytales about ancient Greek temples there are yours ?

  3. They finally gave Micah some food. He always looks like he wants to try the food too. Cutie pie..

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